• How To Get Started Wholesaling & Flipping Properties
  • A List Of Bank Owned Property Websites & Online Auction Sites
  • How To Find and Target Motivated Sellers Who Have To Sell
  • How To Talk To Sellers and Listing Agents (including scripts)
  • After Repair Value, Repair Estimates & How Much to Offer
  • And Much Much More...


Learn How She Made $29,000 Flipping This House

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Learn How To Start Flipping Real Estate Today!

Lex will show you a system that he has used with thousands of students like Allie and teach you how to flip houses. You might just quit your day job like Allie and many other students have done.

Lex has flipped over 1,000 houses and many of his students are now full time wholesalers and real estate investors. Lex has helped his students generate hundreds of thousands of profits flipping real estate and buying and holding real estate. Learn how YOU can get started too. On this training webinar with Lex you will learn how wholesaling works and how to get started flipping houses. Lex will show you how it is possible for you to flip houses like Allie without putting up any of your own cash (Lex will fund your deal for a fee of 1%). You will also learn how you can partner with Lex as a bird dog (if you want to) and have him market your houses that you find to his huge cash buyers list. He will fund those deals for free!.

Topics covered on the training webinar include how to find houses to flip, online and offline sources for finding properties, websites for bank owned properties, online auction sites, finding deals, wholesaling, flipping houses, bank owned properties, double closings, transactional funding, motivated seller marketing, bandit signs, yellow letters, postcard marketing, cash buyers, how to find properties online and how you can put your first real estate deal together by locating properties for other investors. If you want to learn how you could be bringing in a lot more cash by flipping properties then make sure you pick a time slot when you will be able to pay complete attention for about an hour and a fifteen minutes. Every attendee on this webinar will receive a copy of the scripts that we use when talking to sellers and listing agents as well as a free copy of a list of bank owned property websites and online real estate auction sites. You will also get a free copy of Lex’s best selling book “Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties”. There is a Q and A Session where you can ask questions as well.

You will see case studies of actual students like Allie that have achieved phenomenal success flipping houses. Allie flipped 6 houses in 8 weeks and she is only 26 years old. Lex will show you before and after pictures of the houses and even the closing statements with the property addresses of the houses that were flipped.

We have many students like Allie who have quit their jobs to pursue their dreams of becoming full time real estate investors. Lex Levinrad is the Founder and CEO of the Distressed Real Estate Institute and a bestselling author who has written 7 books about investing in real estate. He also has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News Radio, Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, Mortgage Daily News and many other online publications and is a frequent contributor to many real estate web sites and blogs. For more information about Lex Levinrad call our offices at 800-617-2884 (9 am to 5pm EST) or email our support Desk at Support At LexLevinrad.com

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