• How To Get Started Flipping Houses In 2018
  • Where To Find The Cash To Start Flipping Houses
  • How To Get A Proof Of Funds Letter for Flipping Houses
  • How To Flip Houses From Online Property Auction Sites
  • Flipping Houses From Motivated Sellers With Direct Mail
  • How To Flip Houses That Are Owned By HUD


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How To Start Flipping Houses in 2018

On This Web Class Training,  Lex will show you how to start flipping houses using a proven system that has worked with thousands of students from all over the U.S (and world). Lex and his students have flipped thousands of houses using this real estate system for flipping houses. On this training you will learn how YOU can get started too – even if you don’t have much cash. Topics covered on this training include how to flip houses,  how to find houses to flip online and offline by marketing to motivated sellers, and how to find houses to flip on auction sites and bank owned property web sites.  Lex will explain how wholesaling real estate works, and how to start wholesaling real estate and flipping houses. You can start wholesaling and flipping houses without putting up any of your own cash at all (we can provide the funding). You will also learn how our Partnership Program works and how you can get paid to be a property locator (bird dog) and find deals for our cash buyers. You can earn 50% of every deal that you find without putting up any money at all. That is how Lex started wholesaling and that is the method that he recommends for all new students until they have flipped at least 3 houses.

Topics covered on the training include wholesaling real estate, flipping houses, flipping bank owned properties, HUD Homes, foreclosures and short sales, transactional funding, marketing to cash buyers, how to find properties online, motivated seller marketing and how you can put your first real estate deal together by learning how to locate properties for other investors. If you want to learn how to start flipping houses then please register and pick a time slot when you will be able to pay complete attention for about an hour. After you register for this training, you will receive a free copy of our best selling book on flipping houses (Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties) via email. Please check your spam folder for your registration confirmation.

Lex will show you  real case studies of actual students who have flipped houses including the settlement statements (HUD’S) from the purchase and sale along with the property addresses of the houses that were flipped. There is no smoke and mirrors here. Just real people like you flipping houses.  Many of our students have quit their jobs and now flip houses for a living. We have created many real estate millionaires. Check out our testimonial page and see what our students have to say.


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