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What People Are Saying

Hi, my name is Omer Reiner. I took Lex’s wholesaling boot camp in May 2012. It was a great learning experience for me and really opened my eyes to the possibilities in real estate and especially in the local market. Before I took his class, I had paid $30,000 to go on a bus tour with one of the national real estate “Gurus”. I can honestly say that what I learned from Lex in his 3 day boot camp was way way cheaper, was worth much much more and opened up many new possibilities for me.

It took me some time after his boot camp to really understand wholesaling and make the most out of it. But now, almost 2 years after, It was definitely worth it! Since the boot camp, I have wholesaled 38 deals and netted about $300,000 from them. $190K of those $300K I made since the beginning of this year from 9 deals (in less than 5 months). So as time goes on and I put what I learned more and more into practice, business starts to pick up and be more profitable.

It wasn’t an easy progress, it takes much effort and persistence, but it definitely pays off. Lex’s support in the beginning was very helpful. Until I built my own buyers list, he had sold some of my deals to his list and we split the profit. I learned a lot about structuring deals and marketing from him and he was always open to answering questions and concerns.

As he teaches, you can do this without almost any of your own money or risk. 99% of the times, I don’t even put any money into the deal.

I definitely recommend Lex’s programs to anyone who is serious about changing their life through real estate investing by applying his teachings diligently, with patience and persistence.

Thank you Lex!


Omer Reiner

” I met Lex 4 months after I immigrated to the US from Russia. I became his mentoring student to learn everything about investing in the real estate business in the US from scratch. I wanted to learn about the types of contracts, financing, landlording, fixing and flipping, etc as quickly as possible.

My first deal with Lex was the renovation of a single family house in Hollywood. He chose this house for me on the Distressed Real Estate Bus trip to demonstrate in practice at the boot camp what he wrote in his Home Study Course. I sold this house to a buyer who was looking for a property for themselves with seller financing.  Lex provided me with the contractors to fix the house and also listed the property for me as an agent. We had a contract to purchase the house within 2 days. The buyer paid me 9.5% interest for 3 years and on this house alone I made in profit three times what I paid Lex for the education.

Do not hesitate to invest in yourself! You will get incredible returns. If I could do this being a fresh immigrant from a country with a totally different legal and business environment, you can do it too!

Armed with the theoretical and practical knowledge that I received from Lex, I have completed some bigger deals successfully. You can too.

svetlana head shot

Svetlana Karpova

I recently signed up and attended Lex’s Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp. I also signed up for the Wholesaling Inner Circle Advanced Training. I was looking for a way to make more  money to supplement my income and wholesaling sounded like a good option for me.

Lex showed us at the inner circle training how to market for distressed sellers with bandit signs, postcards and yellow letters. I put out 150 bandit signs and got only 2 solid leads. One was for a short sale. The other was for a house that I purchased directly from the seller for $45,000 and then sold to a cash investor for $55,000. Lex provided the transactional funding for the deal and I netted after closing costs $8,109 on my first deal.

I closed my first deal in less than 2 months of training and coaching with Lex. I have always wanted to invest in real estate and I am very pleased with my results and I highly recommend the training that Lex teaches at the Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp and The Advanced Training Inner Circles.


Adina Constantinescu

I could not believe how much I learned in 3 days at Lex Levinrad’s Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp. I wanted to learn more and invested in Lex’s mentorship program. It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but it has paid off hundreds of times over. Lex coached me and helped me find my first house, fix it up, and rent it out. I was terrified, but with his guidance I fought through the fear.  It did not stop there. Lex encouraged me to buy another house, and then another, and even another.  now a few years later, I have 4 rental houses that bring in a steady positive cash flow, and have multiplied in their value since I purchased them.  For what now seems like a relatively small investment, my net worth has soared over $200,000 since I started working with Lex. And now… I am looking for house number 5!

Thanks, Lex!”

Michael Dugan

Michael Dugan