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What People Are Saying

“Hi, my name is Omer Reiner. I took Lex’s wholesaling boot camp in May 2012. It was a great learning experience for me and really opened my eyes to the possibilities in real estate and especially in the local market. Before I took his class, I had paid $30,000 to go on a bus tour with one of the national real estate “Gurus”. I can honestly say that what I learned from Lex in his 3 day boot camp was way way cheaper, was worth much much more and opened up many new possibilities for me.
It took me some time after his boot camp to really understand wholesaling and make the most out of it. But now, almost 2 years after, It was definitely worth it! Since the boot camp, I have wholesaled 38 deals and netted about $300,000 from them. $190K of those $300K I made since the beginning of this year from 9 deals (in less than 5 months). So as time goes on and I put what I learned more and more into practice, business starts to pick up and be more profitable.
It wasn’t an easy progress, it takes much effort and persistence, but it definitely pays off. Lex’s support in the beginning was very helpful. Until I built my own buyers list, he had sold some of my deals to his list and we split the profit. I learned a lot about structuring deals and marketing from him and he was always open to answering questions and concerns.
As he teaches, you can do this without almost any of your own money or risk. 99% of the times, I don’t even put any money into the deal.
I definitely recommend Lex’s programs to anyone who is serious about changing their life through real estate investing by applying his teachings diligently, with patience and persistence.
Thank you Lex!”


Omer Reiner

I took Lex’s mentoring program a little more than a year ago.  I can honestly say that it was the best investment in real estate I have ever made.  Since taking his program I have closed 3 deals.  Two were fix and flips and I profited approximately $75,000.  The other one is  a buy and rent.  I used the money from a self directed 401K for my rental and not only am I seeing a 8% positive cash flow but the property has gone up in value 20% the first year.  Thanks Lex

richard malman 2

Richard Malman

Prior to attending Lex Levinrad’s Real Estate Bootcamp, I was just another “wanna-be” investor. For years I had attended real estate investor meetings, bought my share of Guru books and tapes, I hung on their every word, but I was unable to pull the trigger. By the time I met Lex, my career in Corporate America had begun its inevitable decline. I had been successful in management but never imagined myself as an entrepreneur. Fortunately, I had good business skills and a modest IRA; but retirement was fast approaching. The event I attended was another “sell-a-thon,” but when Lex spoke, he was different than the rest. Intelligent and informative, Lex also spoke from the heart. He talked about his success and his failure, about his journey to recreate himself – how he became a student of real estate investing, how he arrived at the moment when he felt ready. I wanted that for myself. I was not disappointed by what I learned at the Distressed Real Estate Bootcamp, such that I was inspired to pursue a mentorship directly with Lex. Everything I know today, I learned from Lex: How to find and analyze deals, how to negotiate and consider exit strategies, how to budget rehab and other expenses, etc. Lex is one of the best teachers I have met in this industry. The knowledge I gained gave me the confidence I lacked to do my first solo deal. This, combined with my knowledge of Self-Directed IRA investing worked like a charm! During these difficult economic years, I have done wholesaling, lending, rehabbing and now own multiple income properties, that has grown my personal wealth some 300%. And most importantly, through Lex, I learned to become an entrepreneur.


Julian Acosta

I started trying to be a Real estate investor back in the 1990’s, I first bought a Carlton sheets real estate investing program. I read some of the program but didn’t do anything with it. Then in 2012, I attended a training seminar with the stars of the television program Flipping Boston on A&E. I still didn’t feel I had enough personal training to really know what I was doing.  I met Lex and decided to become one of his private mentoring students. He has personally assisted me in acquiring my first two fix and flips and is also coaching me in providing a hard money loan. I am now looking for my 3rd fix and flip and in the near future I hope to have Lex help me in acquiring my first cash flow income property. Thank you Lex for finally helping me get through my analysis paralysis and taking the plunge.

Bill Feliciano

Bill Feliciano