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What People Are Saying

I arrived in South Florida in 2011 with no savings, no car, no job, a family to support, and had to live with family for a while. After reading about investing in Real Estate, I attended one of Lex’s monthly meetings and I was hooked. After getting a job to pay the bills, I saved just enough to attend Lex’s Wholesaling Distressed Real Estate Boot camp. Despite the naysayers, it took me less than an hour to realize that it was money well spent.

The information was more thorough than anything I had seen before. Lex guided us through even the tiniest details and provided hands-on education including trips to Home Depot (to calculate material costs), and Distressed Real Estate Bus Trips to various neighborhoods and properties to evaluate deals. Within a few months I had flipped my first two houses and used some of the profits to invest in Lex’s Inner Circle Mentoring Program where the focus is not just on learning, but on actually doing deals.

I’ve not only benefited from having Lex as my mentor, but also as my partner. He has not only walked me through a ton of deals (and the legal, tangible, and mental obstacles associated with them), but has also split deals with me, found buyers for my deals, acted as a listing agent for one of my buyers, provided transactional funding, and given me invaluable access to the partners, buyers and network that he’s been cultivating for over a decade (including for example, my relationship with my preferred Title company – Independence Title).

In just two years I was able to completely quit my full time job (which I hated) and I’m now a full-time Wholesaler. And while wholesaling is still my love, I’ve also purchased a rental property, completed a lease option, and now I’m working towards my first fix and flip rehab project.

I paid over six-figures for my formal education from a prestigious University that has yielded me some bragging rights and a framed diploma that I assume is in my parent’s house somewhere. Every dime I’ve invested into Lex however, has paid me back at least ten times. I have a lucrative career that I love, I control my time, and most importantly, my five-year old daughter gets to reap the benefits. This has easily been the best investment of my life.

Lex is the real deal. He is not only a teacher but an active investor who has been a dominant force in the market for over a decade. He’s changed my life and I’ve also witnessed him change the lives of local students as well as students that live in different countries and on different continents. If you’re even halfway serious about investing in Real Estate, you simply can’t go wrong with Lex.

Mike Hill

Mike Hill

” I met Lex 4 months after I immigrated to the US from Russia. I became his mentoring student to learn everything about investing in the real estate business in the US from scratch. I wanted to learn about the types of contracts, financing, landlording, fixing and flipping, etc as quickly as possible.

My first deal with Lex was the renovation of a single family house in Hollywood. He chose this house for me on the Distressed Real Estate Bus trip to demonstrate in practice at the boot camp what he wrote in his Home Study Course. I sold this house to a buyer who was looking for a property for themselves with seller financing.  Lex provided me with the contractors to fix the house and also listed the property for me as an agent. We had a contract to purchase the house within 2 days. The buyer paid me 9.5% interest for 3 years and on this house alone I made in profit three times what I paid Lex for the education.

Do not hesitate to invest in yourself! You will get incredible returns. If I could do this being a fresh immigrant from a country with a totally different legal and business environment, you can do it too!

Armed with the theoretical and practical knowledge that I received from Lex, I have completed some bigger deals successfully. You can too.

svetlana head shot

Svetlana Karpova

I recently sold my franchise business that I owned for over 16 years in Deerfield Beach. After a much needed break from working a successful but difficult business all those years, I was trying to decide whether to get into another franchise business or do something else. I have always wanted to get involved in real estate investing so I started researching. I attended several real estate seminars locally and on the west coast of Florida. When I attended Lex’s meeting with The Distressed Real Estate Institute, I was immediately impressed by his experience and the amount of material there was to offer beginners like me. I was able to interact with previous students of Lex’s and hear their success stories and benefit from personalized coaching. Not long after my first meeting, I signed up and attended all of Lex’s boot camps, bus trips, and inner circle meetings as well as private coaching. I absorbed as much information as possible. In a years’ time, I have become a full time Wholesaler and developed my wholesaling business, Sampson Property Group. I have successfully wholesaled 16 properties, completed my first fix and flip, and earned my real estate license.

Thank you, Lex, for all you have done for me and being my mentor. You have helped me believe that I can do this too.

Steven Sampson

Steve Sampson

Steve Sampson

I met Lex several years ago and became a coaching student of his. I attend several different REIA meetings in South Florida and found that Lex is one of the most qualified experts in the field of investing in distressed real estate. Since meeting Lex and attending his boot camp, I have flipped houses, and have also become a landlord with a section 8 property. Lex helped me to overcome the fear of “pulling the trigger”. I remember attending one of Lex’s boot camps and he asked the audience of around 100 people if anyone did any deals the previous week. Almost nobody raised their hands because of the “fear factor” that most people have of doing their first real estate deal. I wasn’t going to allow “fear” to stop my success, and Lex and his training gave me the confidence to take the leap of faith and I am glad that I did. I still have a full time job, but I plan to continue to buy rental properties to supplement my social security and other investments when I finally retire in about 10 years.

Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz