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What People Are Saying

Hello from Australia! I had a few successes in real estate investment in the USA prior to attending the first Distressed Real Estate Bootcamp.  After that Bootcamp, I was armed with many more useful tools and knowledge and since learning these skills my real estate investments have become much more profitable and less stressful.  Even from Australia!

I continued attending your events and inner circle trainings because of the information you impart and being able to leverage your experience.  When in Florida I will attend all courses and events with you that I can to continue gaining insight to the market and ways of finding, buying, renting and flipping wholesale deals. The skills I have learnt through the Distressed Real Estate Institute have been invaluable.  What I have learnt from you has enabled me to manage and generate cash-flow from our investments from anywhere in the world.  This means that anyone who is prepared to put in the effort can do it!

I can’t recommend you and your products enough to anyone who is actually serious about making money from real estate, and when I return to the USA I will be seeking personal mentoring from you to further my portfolio.


Chris Shackleton

After many years as a successful corporate executive I was ready to simplify my life with less stress,  less travel and more time with my family.  I have always been interested in real estate and decided to attend one of Lex’s boot camps, not ever expecting to yield so much from it.  I was impressed with his knowledge, candor and accessibility and quickly decided to become a mentoring student.  Lex provides his students with the tools to be successful in the real estate investment business whether through wholesaling, fixing and flipping or landlording.  More than that, he teaches the analytics,  financing aspects, networking and everything else needed to execute on the theoretical.  Having access to a mentor like him allows you to dramatically shorten your learning curve.  In a quickly increasing market as we are currently in, this is key!

In less than a year, I purchased three properties and obtained my real estate license.  I am holding two properties as rentals and just executed a contract to flip the third.  The equity increase of these properties totals $130k and my rentals are yielding 10% cap rates.

The mentoring program is clearly money well spent.  Knowing you have a resource for guidance in not just the core find/flip/flip details but financing, exit strategies, networking and really anything else that may come up in the course of doing a deal is truly immeasurable.  Thanks Lex.

Gina Zamarelli


Gina Zamarelli