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What People Are Saying

Lex, just wanted to thank you for another successful closing. We have done a couple of deals now, and I am looking forward to many more!! I would also like to thank the ladies behind the scenes, you guys are great, could not do it without your help and guidance. For those of you looking to get started in wholesaling or whatever your real estate investment goals may be, having someone like Lex to help guide you is a great asset to have by your side! Not only will it reduced the headaches and time lost through the unavoidable learning curve, he will also save you from making huge mistakes that may be expensive lessons to stomach in this business. Don’t waste any more of your hard earned money on these so called TV Guru’s. Make this the last investment you will ever need to make in real estate investment education before achieving your first deal!


Diego Rodriguez

I started my real estate investing just weeks after attending Lex’s real estate investment club meeting.  I signed up in my first meeting for the Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp.  As part of the package, I went through the CD’s and the almost 400 pages of the Home Study Course. For those like me that want details, this is a step by step guide with actual deals that show you what to do. If you like to learn by doing, then the boot camp shows you exactly what to do to get your first deal.

On the Distressed Real Estate Bus Trip, I found a property that I thought was perfect for my first deal. Lex took the time to work with me to buy my first property (on that bus trip) I only put down $5,000 and got a hard money loan to purchase the property.  From the moment we met, I felt that desire that he has to teach and guide us to great financial and personal success.  I decided to sign up as one of Lex’s mentoring students This deal turned out to be the first of 4 rental properties that I now own. All properties were purchased with borrowed funds and then later refinanced. I plan on keeping these as long term rentals and they will be free and clear in less than 15 years. I now have $1,600 a month in positive cash flow from these 4 rental properties (in less than 2 years since the boot camp). I am looking forward to having a secure financial freedom in retirement from my real estate investments.

The boot camps taught me how to buy property the right way,  how to understand the cost of repairs, how to find the right team of people to work with and also gave me a group of students to network with. Lex, Mentoring with you is the best decision I have ever made.   Thank you Lex!

Best Regards,


Phil Schaal

I recently sold my franchise business that I owned for over 16 years in Deerfield Beach. After a much needed break from working a successful but difficult business all those years, I was trying to decide whether to get into another franchise business or do something else. I have always wanted to get involved in real estate investing so I started researching. I attended several real estate seminars locally and on the west coast of Florida. When I attended Lex’s meeting with The Distressed Real Estate Institute, I was immediately impressed by his experience and the amount of material there was to offer beginners like me. I was able to interact with previous students of Lex’s and hear their success stories and benefit from personalized coaching. Not long after my first meeting, I signed up and attended all of Lex’s boot camps, bus trips, and inner circle meetings as well as private coaching. I absorbed as much information as possible. In a years’ time, I have become a full time Wholesaler and developed my wholesaling business, Sampson Property Group. I have successfully wholesaled 16 properties, completed my first fix and flip, and earned my real estate license.

Thank you, Lex, for all you have done for me and being my mentor. You have helped me believe that I can do this too.

Steven Sampson

Steve Sampson

Steve Sampson

I took Lex’s mentoring program a little more than a year ago.  I can honestly say that it was the best investment in real estate I have ever made.  Since taking his program I have closed 3 deals.  Two were fix and flips and I profited approximately $75,000.  The other one is  a buy and rent.  I used the money from a self directed 401K for my rental and not only am I seeing a 8% positive cash flow but the property has gone up in value 20% the first year.  Thanks Lex

richard malman 2

Richard Malman