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7 Tips for Investing In Distressed Real Estate

April 7, 2015
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Lex Levinrad

What People Are Saying

Lex, just wanted to thank you for another successful closing. We have done a couple of deals now, and I am looking forward to many more!! I would also like to thank the ladies behind the scenes, you guys are great, could not do it without your help and guidance. For those of you looking to get started in wholesaling or whatever your real estate investment goals may be, having someone like Lex to help guide you is a great asset to have by your side! Not only will it reduced the headaches and time lost through the unavoidable learning curve, he will also save you from making huge mistakes that may be expensive lessons to stomach in this business. Don’t waste any more of your hard earned money on these so called TV Guru’s. Make this the last investment you will ever need to make in real estate investment education before achieving your first deal!


Diego Rodriguez

“I have had the pleasure of completing many closing with Lex Levinrad over the past 12 years. As a title agent, I have personally seen Lex buy, fix, rent, wholesale and flip hundreds of single family residential homes in South Florida. I have also seen many of his students successfully wholesale their first, second and third wholesale deals with Lex as their mentor. Lex is a full time real estate investor as well as a landlord with millions of dollars of rental properties and he practices what he teaches. Lex can teach you how to buy distressed real estate with no money down, how to wholesale, and how to fix and flip houses. If you are looking for a mentor with real life experience Lex would be a great choice.”


Kevin Tacher – Founder and CEO Independence Title

Prior to attending Lex Levinrad’s Real Estate Bootcamp, I was just another “wanna-be” investor. For years I had attended real estate investor meetings, bought my share of Guru books and tapes, I hung on their every word, but I was unable to pull the trigger. By the time I met Lex, my career in Corporate America had begun its inevitable decline. I had been successful in management but never imagined myself as an entrepreneur. Fortunately, I had good business skills and a modest IRA; but retirement was fast approaching. The event I attended was another “sell-a-thon,” but when Lex spoke, he was different than the rest. Intelligent and informative, Lex also spoke from the heart. He talked about his success and his failure, about his journey to recreate himself – how he became a student of real estate investing, how he arrived at the moment when he felt ready. I wanted that for myself. I was not disappointed by what I learned at the Distressed Real Estate Bootcamp, such that I was inspired to pursue a mentorship directly with Lex. Everything I know today, I learned from Lex: How to find and analyze deals, how to negotiate and consider exit strategies, how to budget rehab and other expenses, etc. Lex is one of the best teachers I have met in this industry. The knowledge I gained gave me the confidence I lacked to do my first solo deal. This, combined with my knowledge of Self-Directed IRA investing worked like a charm! During these difficult economic years, I have done wholesaling, lending, rehabbing and now own multiple income properties, that has grown my personal wealth some 300%. And most importantly, through Lex, I learned to become an entrepreneur.


Julian Acosta

I attended this event last year and highly recommend it for new and aspiring real estate investors. Thank You!


Mike Kulick