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For years I always wanted to pursue real estate investing but did not know where to begin. When I first moved to Florida after coming out of the Army, I researched some real estate classes and landed on Lex’s monthly meetings page. After meeting with Lex, my wife and I attended our first boot camp and decided to become Lex’s personal coaching student. This was a tough decision at first since we did not have a lot of money and just had our first baby, but knowing that this was a goal we wanted to pursue we put our faith in Lex and took action.

Lex guided us through the different paths of real estate investing and on which path he suggested we pursue. He showed us that real estate investing is best approached on each individual’s strengths, and how to make those work best for us. After learning the process of discovering target markets and doing comparable sales, we bought our first rental property. It took some time breaking through that “fear barrier” since this was something we were very inexperienced at. However I know now that without Lex as our coach we would have never been able to overcome the feat and to take the action necessary to buy our first investment property.

Lex was able to help secure us financing on our behalf with a hard money loan and he coached us through fixing the property and tips on getting our first tenant. We now have a tenant in place with positive cash flow and a property that also has about $35,000 in positive equity. Once we cash-out refinance we should have about $12,500 back in our pocket to put towards our next deal. We are already in the process of gathering our resources to begin our next project and to have another investment property under our belt. Thanks to Lex we now have started down the path leading towards financial freedom.

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Adam and Laura Monteleone

I have been a real estate agent for many years, and I have attended many of Lex’s Real Estate Investment Club meetings. I always find them to be a great learning experience. At the beginning of this year I signed up for the Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp and Partnership Program because I wanted to partner with Lex on deals.

The information that I learned at the boot camp was all new information (even for an agent). Lex showed strategies for finding bank owned properties and investing in foreclosures and short sales. He taught me how to talk to listing agents, how to submit offers and how to know how much to offer on a property.

I closed my first deal with Lex in March of 2016. Now only 5 months later I flipped my second house. Lex provided the transactional funding for the deal and I never had to put up any money at all.

I am very happy and excited about continuing to work with Lex and I am trying to learn everything that I can.

I would like to thank Lex for showing me how to flip houses and for helping me grow and working with me with the Partnership Program. It has been a privilege to meet and work with you.

Thank you,

Rosane Travassos Faria


Please note that results may vary and we cannot guarantee that you will have the same success or achieve the same results. For a complete disclaimer please click on this link:  http://www.lexlevinrad.com/disclaimers/


Rosane Faria