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The Biggest Challenge For New Investors That Want To Learn Wholesaling:

We Solve All of These Problems With Our Partnership Program

We have been holding our real estate training boot camps since 2009. After training 5,000+ students, and listening to their issues, we know that for most beginners their obstacles are in the list above. So what we do is we teach them one by one how to overcome each of these obstacles. Students that complete our program have clarity and have all of the tools necessary to start wholesaling and flipping houses.

Training & Education

The biggest issue for new investors is understanding how wholesaling and flipping houses work. You may have attended a few webinars, or read some books or even browsed a few real estate sites or Facebook Groups, but how to actually get started wholesaling and how to put a deal together may be eluding you. That is why you are reading this right now!

I aim to solve that problem by teaching you the basics.

I will teach you:

I will even take you on a bus trip to visit bank owned properties so that you can gain valuable hands on experience looking at houses that are in need of major repair that are good candidates for fixing and flipping. That is how we teach you how to analyze what a house is worth, what it would cost to repair it, and what you could sell it for once it was repaired. We show you how to calculate what you should be offering for that house. And we do this live in real time by actually taking you to the houses. We review the comparable sales, and the repairs so that you can learn how to figure out whether or not the house would be a good candidate for a fix and flip. Once you know how to do this, you can buy the house, you can wholesale it or you can fix and flip it. But the basics are important. You need to know how much to pay for the house and how much to offer. We show you how to do this.

Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp

I highly encourage you to attend the Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp live if you can. If not then please make sure you watch all of the videos for all 3 days. They are an integral part of the training that complements and goes with the training on the online training site. After you have attended our Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp you will know how to make offers and get houses “under contract”. You need to learn how to find houses before you can flip houses to other investors. Finding houses is key. I started out as a bird dog working for my mentor Ben and for the first two years all I did was find houses for them. If I found a house I got paid. That is the best way to learn. It is how I learned and it is the method I will suggest for you to learn. Once you know how to find houses then you can flip these houses to anyone. You may get so good at flipping houses that you quit your job (many of our students have). But don’t forget about learning the basics. You can’t quit your job and make money flipping houses if you don’t know the basics. And the basics is all about knowing how to find and identify a house that would be a good fix and flip.

Why You Need Cash Buyers

Let’s say you know how to find great deals and get houses under contract. Now you need to flip those houses to someone. You need cash buyers. When you first start out you don’t have any cash buyers. That is a big issue for new investors. It means that even if you found an amazing house, if you can’t sell it to someone then you will have to cancel your contract and make zero money.

You need to have cash buyers so that if you find a good deal you have someone to flip the house to. This became such a routine request at our boot camps that we incorporated it by giving you access to our cash buyers. We solve this problem for you by marketing your deal to our huge network of cash buyers. Now keep in mind that this is only if you want us to. We don’t have to market your deals and it is not a requirement of the partnership program. What most of our students do is they market the deals themselves and they also give us their deal to market to our buyers. If we find a buyer we split the deal with you (and fund it for free). If you find a buyer then we will fund your deal for you for a fee of 1% to 2%. So it is a win win situation for you and for us. You can go out and look for deals knowing that you have the funding available to flip the houses and your deals are being marketed to our huge cash buyers list. You should still be building your buyers list from day one and we show you how to do this at the boot camp and in our online training’s. When you partner with us we systematize the entire process all the way through until the closing and the title company (and you getting your check).

No Cash

Imagine that you find an amazing deal on a bank owned property, foreclosure or short sale. You would like to buy this house in order to wholesale it and flip it to a buyer for a profit. But you don’t have the cash to pay for the house. That is where transactional funding comes. With our Partnership Program we will put up the cash for you! We will give you access to our transactional funding so that you can flip these houses to cash buyers without worrying about how to pay for the house. So you can flip houses without having any cash at all. This is a system that has been used by thousands of students from around the world. And for good reason. We give you the training and we provide the cash. Now it is up to you to get out there and go find the deals.

We have trained over 5,000 students from all over the world with our Partnership Program. We have students all over the U.S and students in more than 57 countries that are flipping houses. And we want you to be flipping houses too. After all, if we can teach you how to find houses, and you bring those houses to us, and we partner with you and flip them to our cash buyers, then you make money and we make money. This is truly a win/win situation for you and for us. We want you as our partner and we want to train you right, so that you can flip as many houses as possible with us. If you are good, you will probably build your buyers list and become a full time wholesaler (many of our students are now full time wholesalers). We encourage that. We want to teach you how to become a wholesaler. Take a look at the testimonials from our students here.

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