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Lex has been a full time real estate investor since 2003. He has purchased and rehabbed, wholesaled, fixed, flipped and rented over 1,500 houses. Collectively with over 6,500 students that have attended his “Partnership Program”, Lex has been involved in another 2,500+ real estate transactions. Lex is an active real estate investor and wholesales and co wholesales 15 to 20 houses every single month with his team at Lex Real Estate Group. He also purchases and rehabs up to 15 properties at a time and manages a large portfolio of single family and multi family rental properties in multiple counties.

Lex founded the Distressed Real Estate Institute™ in 2008 to teach new real estate investors how to find properties to wholesale, buy, fix, flip or rent. He specializes in teaching new investors how to buy properties from distressed sellers including motivated homeowners, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, probates, short sales and bank owned properties (REO’s). Lex has trained over 6,500 new real estate investors from almost every State and from over 56 countries how to get started investing in real estate.


Lex teaches Wholesaling and Flipping Houses at the Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp™ which is held twice a year in South Florida. He teaches Fixing and Flipping Houses at the Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp™ which is also held twice a year. He teaches Foreclosures, Short Sales and Bank Owned Properties at the Foreclosures, Short Sales & Bank Owned Properties Boot Camp™ and also teaches Airbnb & Short Term Rental Investing at the Airbnb & Short Term Rentals Boot Camp™. The four boot camps listed above are part of the Lex Levinrad Real Estate Training Program and form the “Core” part of our real estate training. To learn more about our real estate training programs please call our office at (561) 948-2127. To view our events calendar of our upcoming real estate events click here

If you would like to see what my current students say about the Lex Real Estate Training Program, then make sure you check out our recent students reviews of our training program.

The Lex Real Estate Training Program also includes access to the Partnership Program which helps our students to partner with us on deals and to submit deals to us. Included with the Lex Real Estate Training Program is also access to our online Lex Real Estate Training Portal.

All students in the Lex Real Estate Training Program also have access to our Proof of Funds Letter Site, Our Wholesale Purchase Contract Site, Our Florida Purchase Contract Site, Our Comparable Sales System, our Student Support Desk and our Flipping Real Estate Academy Facebook Group. The training is supplemented with an online Home Study Course and 6 Disc CD Set along with training videos, books, pdf’s, spreadsheets, audio files and other documents.


Lex teaches at Four Advanced Inner Circle Mastermind Events per year for our Coaching Students. Topics include Wholesaling, Buying rentals, Buy, Repair, Rent Refinance, Fixing and Flipping houses, Buying Airbnb’s, Buying Houses Subject To, Seller Financing, Motivated Sellers, Marketing to Motivated Sellers, Seller Websites, CRM’s and building your real estate business


Lex offers Private One on One Coaching which is limited to just 4 students at a time. Lex is very selective on who he chooses to work with.


Lex is an internationally recognized real estate expert and has shared the stage with some of the world’s biggest real estate speakers. He has authored 7 best selling books about investing in real estate and has been interviewed on Fox News Radio, ABC, CBS, Forbes Magazine and has been featured on the front page of both the Sun Sentinel and the Miami Herald Newspapers. Lex is frequently quoted or featured on The Real Deal, Mortgage Daily News, Yahoo Real Estate, Real Estate Professional Magazine, and Real Estate Wealth Magazine. He is also a frequent guest on some of the largest and most popular real estate podcasts in the world and is a contributing author to many real estate magazines, online publications and blogs.

Lex hosts the “Investing in Real Estate With Lex Levinrad” Podcast which has had over 4.5 Million Downloads, and his You Tube channel “Financial Freedom From Investing in Real Estate” has had over 2.6 million YouTube views. He has also been featured as a guest speaker on Fox News Radio and many other local radio stations.

Lex is also the founder of the Distressed Real Estate Investors Association™ which is one of the largest real estate investment clubs in the U.S. with over 10,000 online members on our Meetup Sites. If you are local to South Florida make sure you attend our monthly real estate investment club meetings which are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

Lex is a licensed Realtor® with Charles Rutenberg United Realty and lives in Boca Raton, Florida with his family.

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