15 Minutes of Clarity Could Change Your Life

Have you ever spent 15 minutes just sitting in a chair thinking?

How about an hour?

Or two?

It is amazing how much clarity you can get, if you just stop for a second to think. Our lives are so rushed, that sometimes we forget to stop and just think.

Think about what we want. Our goals, our dreams.

And more importantly how and when we will achieve them.

But how can we have goals and how can we have action steps if we don’t put some time to really think about it?

So what I want you to do as soon as you can is I want you to take a moment to just think..

Think about what you want. Think about your life. Think about what you wish you could change. Think about what you are grateful for.

Think about your dreams. Think about what you wish you could have. Think about how you wish your life were. Or how you could make it better. Just think.

Think about your goals.

What do you want to achieve?

How do you hope to achieve it?

Have you ever gone shopping for a new car a new computer, a new stove or a new refrigerator?

How much time did you put into research before you made that decision?

An hour? Two? Four?

Now ask yourself this…..

How much time do you put into deciding major decisions about your life?

Probably not as much as you should!

When was the last time you asked yourself what it is that you really really want?

Or did you just give up already?

If you don’t know what your dreams or goals are then you really need to take some time to think about that.

If you know what your dreams are and you know what your goals are then my question for you is this.

What actions are you taking TODAY to make your dreams and your goals become a reality?

Do you have a purpose? What is it? Write it down.

Have you written your goals down? It becomes much easier to gain clarity when you write things down.

I encourage you to do this exercise.

Take an hour of your time and block it off from all distractions.

It is imperative that you be alone.

You cannot do this exercise at work, with kids or with your spouse.

You have to be alone.

Choose somewhere quiet – whatever works for you. For some people it is a park. For others a forest, or a beach. Maybe for you it is just a quiet spot on your patio looking at the garden. It doesn’t really matter the location.

What matters is this.

I want you to turn off. Completely shut everything off.

I want you to turn your cell phone off. Don’t put it on silent or vibrate. Just turn it off. Get away from your computer. Get away from your telephone.

Find a quite spot and just sit there.

Take a notepad and a pen.

And then just think.

I want you to spend just one hour thinking.

And at the end of the hour I want you to write down what comes in to you mind.

If you need to you can write down bullet points and notes during your hour of thinking too.

I want you to try and do that once a week.

And then you tell me how much clarity you get.

When you can do that for an hour then try do it once a day for just 15 minutes.

And then do it each and every day.

It will help you.

Try this exercise, and then tell me what you think. Feel free to use the comments box below.

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