Are You Ready To Take It To The Next Level?

The year is almost over. As we get ready to take some much needed time off from work to spend quality time with our families, friends and loved ones it is also a great time to reflect.

I will be spending Christmas to New Years on a cruise ship in the Caribbean with friends. I will have 7 days of floating on the ocean to think and reflect about life, family, relationships and business.

I have packed my iPad full of Kindle books. I will spend this time reading, learning, thinking and planning.

This is a time that I set goals for myself. I take stock of my past year. I look at my accomplishments and I look at what I could have done better. And I write down a business plan of how I will improve and get better. How will I be a better writer and author? How will I be a better coach to my students? What obstacles or blocks do my students have that I could help them overcome? How will I be a better student? How will I learn? How will I be a better father? How will I be a better friend? How will I scale my business to the next level? How will I grow my business? How will I be better next year than this past year? What will I do differently?

Taking a vacation is a great way to recharge your batteries. It gives you time to think. Do you know what we lack the most in life? Time to think. Have you ever just sat on a chair and spent an hour thinking?

Think back over your past year and ask yourself this question.

Was 2015 as good as it could have been?

Will 2016 be any better?

And if you think it will be better then why?

I am not talking about New Years Resolutions. I am talking about change.About doing something differently.

What action steps have you taken to put together a plan of action to change?

People ask me why I flip houses. The answer is to make money. And I also like flipping houses.

They ask me why I write books and articles. The answer is I enjoy writing. Almost nothing makes me happier than sitting and writing.

But what do I enjoy the most? What gives me the most satisfaction?

What is my most selfless thing that I do?

The thing that I may be remembered for?

I effectuate change.

Not change in me.

But change in other people. People who become my students.

After all what could be better than to effect a change in someone else?

To actually change someone’s life? To make a positive contribution to their financial freedom, their income, their net worth and ultimately their happiness and their ability to spend quality time with their families?

That is what I love doing.

It is what keeps me going every day. Writing articles, submitting podcasts, teaching boot camps, inner circle coaching sessions, private coaching sessions, webinars and blog posts.

I want to share something with you.

Something that I have never shared before.

When I sit down with potential new students. People that are not yet students, but want to be my student they inevitably have a story.

A story of how they got here. Why they are at my real estate meeting or boot camp.

And when they share these stories with me, i can tell just by looking into their eyes whether they are ready for change.

Successful people know what I am talking about. Successful people don’t mess around. Their time is valuable. They don’t waste their time watching TV and doing what most people do. They make every moment count. Successful people are productive. They have a burning passion to succeed.  Successful people are constantly learning and growing, striving to get better and better every single day. Successful people have a fire in their eye. You can spot them easily. They are hard to miss.

But what about the people that are not yet successful but have that passion to change? What about the people that have that burning desire for success but that are NOT yet successful?

Well that passion can’t hide. You can see  it in their eyes. I can see it in your eyes.

The eyes are like a window into your soul. They let the world know your intensity. They let the world know your passion.

Like when this guy Mike Hill (who I had never met before) walked into my real estate investment club meeting and handed me a letter. He said to me “You don’t know me. I don’t have any money right now and I can’t afford your boot camp.  But soon I will be able to afford it and I will come to your boot camp and I will become your coaching student. And I will be successful and quit my job and flip houses for a living”

And what do you think Mike Did?

He did just that!

And he didn’t start with any money. He drove down from South Dakota as a single parent with his daughter Jade (who was 3 at the time) and he had no money at all when he arrived in Florida. He was literally sleeping in his car.

But Mike had a college degree and is very personable and he soon found a job in the Hotel industry working for a prestigious hotel in South Beach.

He soon realized that no employer was going to let him leave every day to fetch his daughter Jade from school in the middle of the day. He needed to be self employed. He needed to learn how to make money for himself working from home.

Mike knew that he needed to quit his job. He also knew that in order to be granted full custody of his daughter he would need to prove to the courts that he could  provide financially for her by flipping houses for a living. He had to show the judge that he could  make enough money flipping houses working from home. And he had to show the judge that he was still able to fetch his daughter from day care in the middle of the day.

So fast forward a few years. Just 2 years later Mike quit his job.

Mike is now a full time wholesaler. He wholesales and flips houses for a living from home.

He achieved his goal.

But then again I knew he would. From that first day that I met him.

He was ready for change. I could tell.

Are you? Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to take things to the next level?

My students give me credit for teaching them. But what they don’t realize is that the change is within them! 

The one who should get credit is not the teacher. It is the student who deserves credit. It is he who changed their life. You are the success. You are the one that overcame the odds and succeeded. I am just the person that guided you. The hero is you. And don’t forget that.

But it all starts with change. and before you can change you have to want to change

You have to want it really badly. So badly that it hurts.

If this is you then you know what I am talking about.

I am looking to effectuate powerful change in one person. That is my New Years Resolution. I want to help change one person’s life this year.

I am only looking for one person. Just one person who is ready for change and who wants to and is willing to do what it takes to work one on one with me.

My time is very valuable. I don’t waste it.

So I need someone who is ready for massive change.

Is that someone you?

If it is, then I encourage you to apply at the link below:

And after you have completed that, please send me a brief email to

I am the only one that will see or read your email. My staff will not see it. So feel free to share with me whatever you want. I will not share or repeat it. I know change is hard.

The most important thing that I want to hear from you in that email is why I should pick you.

I get back from my cruise on January 2nd, 2016.

I will spend that weekend reviewing applicants.

I will pick just one person – providing that there is a suitable candidate out there.

Working one on one with me is certainly not cheap. But then again neither is massive change.

Massive change involves sacrifice.

But if you are looking for massive change and you are ready then I can help you.

There is an old Buddhist saying that says “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

Are you ready?


I would like to wish you and your families a healthy and happy holidays and a Happy New Year!



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