Bank Owned Properties, Foreclosures & Short Sales


In this video, I am talking about the upcoming Bank Owned Properties, Foreclosures & Short Sales Boot Camp.

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I believe that with the expiration of the Federal Eviction Moratorium and the Foreclosure Moratorium, that homeowners that have not paid their mortgage for the past year and a half will soon be receiving foreclosure notices in the mail.

Based on current CFPB regulations, mortgage servicers are still required to “reach out” to homeowners that are delinquent in order to explore options to avoid foreclosure. Banks will most certainly try and avoid a crisis by allowing delinquent mortgage borrowers that can pay to extend their loans, reduce the interest rates and put money owed on to the back end of the mortgage.

However, those homeowners that do not have the ability to pay, or who cannot work out an agreement with their bank or mortgage servicer will most definitely be receiving a foreclosure notice after Jan 1, 2022. I predict that there will be a substantial increase in foreclosures, short sales and bank owned properties in 2022 which is why I created this Bank Owned Properties, Foreclosures and Short Sales Boot Camp.

Our Real Estate Training and Education company was founded in October 2008 during the height of the prior financial crisis. We want to make sure that our students understand how to take advantage of this opportunity to buy distressed properties at discounted prices.

You can find out more information about this event by visiting this link:

Marketing to homeowners in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure, short sales, and bank owned properties will be where the action is during 2022. Make sure you understand the foreclosure laws and foreclosure process in your State and be ready to take advantage of this opportunity.

Understand how to prepare an offer on a short sale and how to bid on bank owned property websites. Consider getting your real estate license since many of these sites require a license in order for you to place bids. An added bonus is you can also receive a commission.

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