Buy Repair Rent & Refinance (BRRR)

On this podcast I talk about the Buy, Repair, Rent and Refinance strategy which is often referred to as BRRR.

The concept behind the buy, repair, rent and refinance strategy is that if you can find deals at 75% or less of the After Repair Value (ARV), you can essentially be doing no money down deals because you will get your money back when you refinance. You will then be able to use that same money to buy your next property.

When you refinance the property and get your money back then you are essentially in your first deal for no money down. At this point you can use the same funds to buy the second property and then repair, rent and refinance that one too. You can do this for your first ten rental properties.

What makes this strategy even more appealing is when you borrow the funds from a private lender to purchase the property. Once you do this once, you will realize the only thing stopping you from buying unlimited properties is having more private lenders.

When you have multiple private lenders you will get to a point where your main dilemma won’t be finding capital but finding houses. And that is where your growth will happen. That is what will take you from a small business making $10,000 or $20,000 a month to a business that can make $200,000 a month (or more).

The key is to constantly be marketing to motivated sellers. Many beginners think that not having access to capital is what holds them back. It’s not. What is holding them back is learning how to find good wholesale deals at wholesale prices that are less than 75% of market value. And the way you find many of those deals is from motivated sellers (and also short sales and bank owned properties.

If you buy a few properties a year using this strategy, you can substantially increase your income, net worth and cash flow. Buy and hold a few properties a year and in just 10 years you will have a very substantial net worth!

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