Buying Houses From Motivated Sellers With Direct Mail


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In this video, I show you a house that I recently purchased from a motivated seller with direct mail. Every week, our company mails out thousands of postcards to motivated sellers. We purchase lists of motivated sellers from list brokers like Melissa Data, Pioneer Data , List Source and Exact Data.

We buy many different types of lists including specialty lists, absentee homeowners, inherited properties (the list this house was on), probates, foreclosures, vacant properties and financial distress lists. We also mail to lists that we get directly from the City and County including code violations, utility shut offs and tax defaults.

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We mailed a postcard to this homeowner based off an inherited list. The owner of the property that called us had inherited her dad’s property after he had passed a few months prior. Her and her brothers owned the property equally (they inherited it) and they wanted the property sold fast for cash. As you can see from the video, the house had not been cleaned out, and all of the furniture and junk was left in the house. This is very common with motivated sellers – especially inherited properties.

They want us to buy the houses “As Is” with everything included. In situations like this, the seller knows they are not going to get top dollar for the property selling it to us for cash. However we provide convenience, and we make it hassle free for them to sell the house fast for cash. When we buy a house from a motivated seller, we agree to buy the house “As Is” for cash and we close just two weeks later. The seller does not have to clean out the house or make any repairs. That is the convenience that we offer.

For someone who just wants to be done with the house and “move on” this can be very appealing. Especially if there no emotional attachment to the house, or an underlying financial issue that requires them to get cash fast. In situations like this, the seller does not want to clean out the house, make repairs, prepare the house for a listing and then list it on the MLS. They don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning out the house and removing all of the junk and furniture. They don’t want to make the repairs that they know they would need to make in order to list the property for sale on the MLS.

They don’t want to wait for a buyer and deal with showings etc. In many cases this is not even an option since you cannot show a house in this condition to anyone other than a cash buyer. The seller wants cash now which is why they called our postcard which says we can make them a cash offer to buy their house.

And we offer the convenience of a quick hassle free close for cash in as little as two weeks. This house is going to be fixed up and repaired, and then ultimately it will be resold on the MLS to a first time home buyer for top dollar. I will do another video for you showing you what the house looks like when it is complete.

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