Buying Houses From Motivated Sellers With Text Messages

Marketing To Motivated Sellers With Text Messages

In this video, I am with my students Kadi-Ann and Dale at the second house that they just purchased. This house was purchased less than 30 days after their first house. You can see the details on that first house in this video:

Both houses were acquired by sending text messages to motivated sellers using this software:

Using the above software they created two lists. One was a list of vacant properties, and the other was a list of absentee landlords (non owner occupied). What’s amazing is that their list size was only around 1,200 names for each list (2,400 in total for both lists). And with just 2,400 text messages they were able to purchase 2 houses!

They started sending out text messages to these lists using the software that we recommended on our coaching call. On their first batch of text messages (to the vacant house list) they found a “For Sale By Owner” deal where the seller was very motivated to sell. You can see the details on that house in this video:

On their second batch of text messages, they found the house in this video. Unfortunately, we did not have a key or lockbox to get into the house to show you the interior (I will do that in another video). However, we were able to look through the videos and they had seen the interior of the house and I have the interior photos (the seller took the key with them). They purchased this house at a great price for just $74,000 in a neighborhood where houses are selling for $170,000 or more. I gave them a private lender loan for $60,000.

That is one of the benefits of being one of my coaching students. I will personally help you find your first and second house, and make sure it’s a good deal for you before you buy it (like I was doing reviewing this house with them). If you are my coaching student I will also lend you the money to buy the house like I did with Kadi-Ann and Dale on this house.

Since making this video, after sending out another 4,000 text messages to motivated sellers they just tied up their third house). I will show you another video on that after they have closed on that house.

So far they have added north of $150,000 to their net worth in just the past few months. ‘If you want to learn how to buy, fix and flip houses then make sure you come to my Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp where I teach Fixing and Flipping Houses, Buy, Repair, Rent and Refinance and even investing in Airbnb Short Term Rentals. 

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