Buying Properties Subject To The Existing Mortgage

Buying Houses Subject To The Existing Mortgage

With mortgage rates moving from 3% to 8% you may think it is a very hard time to buy real estate. But there’s one opportunity that can work well and that is to buy houses subject to the existing mortgage.

If you have a seller that is looking to sell, and they have a mortgage at 3%, you could offer to buy the house and simply take over the mortgage.

As an example let’s say it’s a $200,000 house, and they owe $150,000.

You could offer to put $50,000 down, and simply take over their payments on that $150,000 mortgage.

3% mortgages don’t exist. Mortgages are currently at 8%.

So if you can pick up a 3% mortgage that’s a good strategy for you, and it could be a win for the seller as well.

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