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As a real estate investor, having leads is the life blood of your business. More leads = more deals. And more deals= more money! So if you want to make more money you need to have a steady and consistent pipeline of motivated seller leads. And when you start buying houses, if you are a wholesaler you will need someone to flip those houses to. You need a steady supply of Cash Buyers too!

Motivated Seller and Cash Buyer Leads leads can be generated from Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Google Ad (pay per click). They can also be generated offline. For example if you give someone your business card and then they go to your website to learn more about you and your company.

Regardless of how the lead is generated, the most critical and important thing is your website that you are sending those leads to. In my business, we use a company called Carrot to generate motivate seller and cash buyer leads. 

I have multiple Carrot Websites that I use for marketing to motivated sellers and cash buyers. I teach my coaching students at our Wholesaling Inner Circle and on our online training site how to set up their motivated seller and cash buyer web sites. And I show them how to optimize their sites to be designed well and to rank well for SEO. If you want your site to perform, you are going to need to make it original (about you and your company). When you do this well, then Google rewards you by ranking your site higher. When leads convert on your website, Google rewards you by ranking your site higher. And if you get good at this, then you will soon be getting leads that you don’t have to pay for because of SEO. Click on the banner at the bottom of this page to learn more about what SEO is and why it is so important/

We have experimented and tested every type of real estate web site system imaginable, including spending tens of thousands of dollars on our own custom built system. But all of these systems that we had used in the past had two major problem. The first was that they cost a lot of money to setup. The second was that they cost a lot of money to maintain. We were essentially dependent on a web developer to fix issues as they were needed and sometimes the developers were busy and would take a week or two to fix the issue. Each time we did this we got an invoice that we had to pay. Your focus as a real estate investor should be buying and selling houses (not dealing with web developers). For this reason, I think Carrot Websites For Real Estate Investors are such a great choice.

Most real estate investors (especially new investors) need something that they can implement immediately. If you are a new investor, you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money getting your web sites up and running. You don’t have the time or inclination to spend thousands of dollars and hours on the phone with your web developer planning on how to set up your site.

You want to set up your site immediately. And you want it to work. And that is why I recommend Carrot Web Sites to all of my students and incorporate the Carrot Real Estate Investor Web Sites in all of my training’s for my coaching students.

You can have your Carrot site up and running in under 30 minutes. The basic core site is just $69 per month but I recommend you go with the Content Pro Plan for $99 which comes with 3 sites, and includes the custom blog content, SEO Keywords and Video Posts. You can check out the different pricing plans that they have by clicking here.

Your goal as an investor is to make money by buying and selling houses. Don’t get stuck on the small things like trying to build a custom site. Every hour and dollar that you spend on web design, takes you away from doing what you need to be doing to make money (generating buyer and seller leads and buying and selling houses).

At the end of the day, how your web site looks is important, but how it converts is way more important. Carrot web sites convert very well. And for most new real estate investors, the Carrot Website is hard to beat for ease of use, price and performance.

So if you are not a web developer and don’t want to spend hours updating your web site or paying a web developer then Carrot websites are definitely worth checking out. You won’t have to deal with “Word press updates” or “Updating Plugins”. You won’t have to pay your web developer every time your site is down or not working properly. With a Carrot Website you can simply reach out to their support (which is fantastic). 

I never recommend anything to my real estate coaching students that I don’t personally use myself. I like to teach based on what I do, and I find that it is easiest to teach my coaching students by being an open book and being completely transparent with them. 

When my students attend my Inner Circle Trainings, I open up my Carrot Web Site Dashboard and I show them how it works. I show them how we generate leads, and how we integrate that with call tracking and the CRM that we use. My business currently has 6 Carrot Websites (2 cash buyer sites and 4 motivated seller sites). I have been a customer of Carrot for many years, and I have been very happy with the performance of the sites and the customer service. This is a company that is focused on delivering results. There is a reason why I believe that they are the best website for real estate investors. Their product is perfect for all level of real estate investors. 

This is a very useful tool that every real estate investor can implement quickly and affordably. The basic one website plan is only $69 a month. You can start out with that, but after you have your first site set up you will soon be looking to upgrade to the Content Pro Plan which includes 3 sites.

Carrot websites focus on search engine marketing (SEO). Read the SEO Keyword Bible by clicking on the banner below to understand how important SEO is. When someone goes to Google and they type in search terms like “Need To Sell My House Fast” you want them to find your website. And when they find your website you want them to convert (enter their information so that they become a lead). Carrot does this very well.