Direct Mail Marketing & Driving for Dollars

Yesterday at our monthly Real Estate Investment Club meeting, the presentation was about wholesaling and flipping houses.

One of the topics that came up during that presentation was how to find properties to flip.

We were talking about direct mail and marketing to motivated sellers with Post Cards, Yellow Letters and Bandit Signs.

We discussed how to generate direct mail lists of sellers that you can target with direct mail (postcards or yellow letters).

One of the easiest direct mail lists to start out with is a list of absentee home owners.

An absentee list is simply properties where the owner does not live in the property and the property tax bill is mailed to an address other than the property address.

Absentee owner lists can be generated very easily on web sites such as List Source

Once you have a direct mail list, your next step is to mail postcards or yellow letters to that list.

We discussed different options for mail houses, pricing and the cost of post cards and yellow letters.

We have a relationship with a mail house that we established specifically for our students which you can access at

This is a free tool that we provide our students, that allows them to mail postcards directly to motivated sellers.

We also offer for our Partnership Program Students – to create and pull a list for a fee of just $25.

And our Virtual Assistant Services can set up your direct mail campaign and have your post cards mailed out for you.

If you are using Lex Real Estate System  you can keep track of all of the calls and your seller leads.

Our CRM has the seller script and seller lead intake form that you can use while you are on the phone with the seller.

If you are an existing student we will waive the set up fee and offer you the system for 50% off.

Remember, the goal is to flip houses and make money flipping houses.

In order to flip houses, you need to have houses to flip.

You can find houses to flip online or offline.

Online you find houses on sites like



Offline, you find sellers by marketing directly to them with bandit signs, post cards and yellow letters.

One method that a lot of new investors do not use or are too lazy to implement is called driving for dollars.

Driving for dollars means looking for vacant, boarded up or abandoned houses.

These houses are an opportunity for you to contact the owner and offer to buy the house.

And then if you and the owner can agree on the price you can flip it (and make money)

Don’t forget the goal is to make money flipping houses.

In order to flip houses you first need to find houses to flip.

We recently started testing and using an awesome new driving for dollars tool that is really easy to implement

It is called Send Fuse

This is an amazing resource for real estate investors and I highly recommend it.

If you are driving for dollars and you spot a vacant house all you need to do is text the address from your cell phone to a specific Send Fuse number.

You then receive a text back verifying the address to make sure the address is correct.

After you confirm the address, the system automatically sends out 6 automated weekly post cards with your contact info.

You need to set up your account and the contact info before you can use the service.

There is no set up fee or monthly fee and it’s just $1 a post card which I think is quite reasonable considering the time savings and convenience.

No more scribbling addresses down, going back to the office and looking up the property owner on the property appraiser web site.

I did that for years and I can tell you through experience that you get distracted, forget to send the letter, lose track of the paper with the address, don’t have envelopes, run out of stamps etc.

With this texting system, your postcards are sent out automatically like clockwork. You text an address and the post card sequence starts.

After six weeks it stops. If the owner did not contact you move on.

I like implementing automated tools like this that utilize technology to make us better real estate investors.

I tested it out and am currently using it and mailing out post cards. It works great.

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