Essential Tools for Real Estate Investors


In this video, I talk about some of the real estate tools and software programs that I use on a daily basis in my real estate business. I have the links to these tools listed below.

As a real estate investor, your goal is to buy houses at a discount. You are going to need to target and market to sellers who are more likely to sell at a discount. We call these people “motivated sellers”.

To market to these motivated sellers, you are going to need to create lists of sellers who are most likely to want to sell. Some of these lists include absentee landlords, delinquent taxes, vacant properties, pre-foreclosure, probates, and tired landlords.

I use a tool called Propstream to create these motivated seller lists:

Your goal is to find people who are motivated to sell their house at a discount. If they are on multiple lists at the same time, then they are even more likely to sell.

For example, if a rental property is vacant and has code violations, and the owner has recently evicted the tenant and is also in foreclosure, then they are much more likely to want to sell their house at a discount. They are motivated to sell. Hence the term “motivated seller”. You can send direct mail (postcards) to these motivated sellers.

You can also “skip trace” these lists. Skip tracing allows you to get the phone numbers of these individuals. Once you have their phone numbers you can call or text them seeing if they would be interested in a cash offer for their house. The tool we use for skip tracing is Batch Skip Tracing.

If you want to cold call the leads you have skip traced you can use the dialer we use which is called Smartphone.

I like this dialer, because it integrates well with my CRM which is Investorfuse

Another popular dialer used by many investors is BatchDialer

Tip: Make sure you are aware of cold calling and texting regulations in your State if you are going to be using a dialer or texting sellers since laws differ from State to State

If you are going to cold call, I suggest you do not cold call yourself but instead hire a virtual assistant (VA) or outsource the cold calling to a cold calling company that specializes in calling motivated sellers.

Those cold callers are going to generate leads. Mailing postcards to sellers is going to generate leads. The question is what do you do with all of those leads and how do you store them and save them? The answer is a CRM or Customer Relationship Manager like the one that we use which is called Investorfuse.

I really like this CRM for keeping track of sellers. It’s a substantial improvement over the Podio based CRM’s that we used previously. One feature that I really like about Investor Fuse is that it integrates very well with Smart Phone. This allows you to call from within the CRM and have the recordings of the calls stored in your CRM as well. If you are going to record, make sure you are aware of the laws in your State. You may need to have a message that says something like “this message is being recorded for training purposes” which is what we do.

We have our software integrations set up so that every single lead comes into our CRM. Regardless of whether a seller calls us in response to a post card that we mailed, or a seller fills out a form on one of our motivated seller websites or responds to a Google or Facebook Ad, the lead ends up in our CRM.

If you are marketing to sellers, you are going to need to track your marketing by using different phone numbers. We use a different phone number for every website, postcard, yellow letter, Facebook Ad, or Google Pay Per Click Ad. By keeping track of where leads are coming from, we are able to tell which marketing channels are working better than others. We are also able to track our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) better. The tool we use to track our phone numbers is called Call Rail.

You will need to have a motivated seller website where sellers can go if you are marketing with online ads or want to include your website in your direct mail.

We use Carrot for all of our motivated seller websites. I highly recommend them for your seller sites and all of my seller sites are with them. The web form on your seller site can submit the lead directly to your CRM so you will see leads in real time as they come in.

If you are marketing for sellers, you may have a job that does not allow you to answer the phone. Having a service that can answer seller calls can really help you manage your incoming leads. We use Call Porter for answering our incoming leads and every lead is automatically entered into our CRM by the agent answering the call.

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