Finding Vacant Houses When Driving for Dollars

You Can Find Vacant House Deals While Driving for Dollars

In this video, I am showing you an example of a vacant, boarded up house that I came across on my way to a motivated seller appointment.

Many of my students ask me how to find deals, and motivated sellers. One great way is to look for vacant houses while driving for dollars. The key things to look for when you are driving for dollars is overgrown lawns, roof tarps (blue plastic on the roof), and general signs that a house is not lived in. These can all be signs a vacant house, and a potentially motivated seller. Many of these houses have been vacant like this for years and represent a good opportunity for real estate investors.

When you find vacant houses, while out driving for dollars, all you need to do is skip trace the property address to find the owner and then try and contact the owner to make an offer. In many cases, you will be dealing with an estate or an heir to the owner since often with vacant properties that are neglected like this someone has become deceased and the property is now owned by someone else. The key is for you to find the person that owns the vacant property.

If you want to start creating your own list of vacant houses, but need help finding the owner check out these useful tools that I use:


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