Fix and Flip House Ready For the MLS


This is the final video on this fix and flip house which is now ready to be listed on the MLS. If you scroll back a few videos you can see the house while we were in the middle of rehabbing it, so you can get an idea of the types of materials that were used.

I have a complete list of materials that we use with our contractors that shows each item along with the Home Depot SKU #. You can download that material list here:…

So this is the final walk through review of the house before we get ready to list it. I like to do these myself (although I occasionally let a team member do it). Now we are just waiting for the photographer to come to the house to take the photos (we use a company called VHT for photos). Once we have the photos, the house will be listed on the MLS. It will be priced at around $195,000.

Being that the market is so hot and I am pricing it well, this house should be sold within a few days. The key to pricing is to look at where the other first time home buyer homes are priced at and to list just below (and make sure your listing looks better). That way you are guaranteed to get lots of offers. Many investors that fix and flip houses (especially beginners) price them too high.

If you price high, and there are other properties in the same condition or better that are priced lower then your property will not be the one getting all the offers. The longer it sits on the MLS the more buyers and agents think there is “something wrong with it”. So you must price correctly, and in order to do so, you need to know your competition (the other listings, what they look like, and how they are priced).

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