Fix and Flip Ready To Be Listed on the MLS


Probate Fix and Flip Ready to be Listed

In this video, I am showing you a fix and flip that has been renovated by my crew. This house is almost ready to be listed on the MLS.

I originally purchased this fix and flip house for $115,000 from a seller who inherited the property from his grandmother. We had to probate the estate which took a few months before we closed. If you want to see a video of what this probate fix and flip looked like before we started the repairs click HERE!

Repairs on this fix and flip property were around $36,000, and there are still a few touch up items that have to be completed. My goal was to check the house and also check prices because prices have been moving up very rapidly. You can make a lot of money fixing and flipping properties. Learn how you can fix and flip houses by registering for my Fixing & Flipping Webinar!

Originally I was going to list this house at $239,000. But the market is so strong, and this house has a pool and there are no houses with swimming pools. There is almost no inventory on the market at all. So I am going to list this fix and flip at $259,900 and see what happens. If I can sell it for that, then that should be a really big spread and a nice profit margin. That is the advantage fixing and flipping in a market where prices are rising. It might be harder to find inventory, but when you do, you make more profit.

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