Fix & Flip House Before Repairs | How To Fix & Flip Houses

Fix & Flip House Before Repairs

In this video, I am showing you a fix and flip house that is about to be repaired. We are in what is called the “trash out” phase which is where everything is being removed from the house. You can learn all the steps of getting started fixing and flipping by attending my Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp.

The first phase of this fix and flip is a trash out to remove all furniture, trash, clothing, and anything that is left in the house. Sellers sometimes leave a lot of trash in these properties, and it must be removed before we can start actual rehab of the home. The next stage is the demolition phase where the floors, kitchens and bathroom tile are removed.

You can see that the kitchen cabinets and countertops have already been removed in this video. This is what a “rehab” looks like before it gets started. Do you want to start your first fix and flip, but you aren’t sure where to start? Join us for my upcoming Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp, where I will teach you how to flip houses too!

The rehab for this fix and flip house should take around 12 weeks to complete, and then it will be listed on the MLS.

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