Frequently Asked Beginner Questions



On this podcast episode I talk about beginner questions that I am frequently asked.

I hear these questions at every single boot camp from new investors. It was also a topic that came up a few days ago on my car drive to visit properties with my son. I realized that he was asking the same questions that many of my new students ask. So I decided to make a podcast episode addressing these beginner questions since I figured a lot of you out there might have the same questions.

The questions I often get asked by new real estate investors are:

1. Why Pay Cash If You Can Put Down 20%?
2. The Difference Between Wholesale and Retail Real Estate
3. Why You Can’t Get A Mortgage on Wholesale Deals
4. How To Find Discounted Houses For Pennies on the Dollar
5. What Are Motivated Sellers, and Why Are Sellers Motivated To Sell?
6. How To Get The Cash To Fund Your Wholesale Deals and Flips
7. Private Lending, Private Lenders and Hard Money Loans
8. Finding Houses Yourself Versus Wholesalers Finding Houses For You
9. Understanding That Finding Houses and Flipping Them is A Business

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