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Lex has trained thousands of ​new ​real estate ​ investors how to wholesale and flip houses. Read this book to learn ​how you can get started wholesaling and flipping houses.

Learn how to wholesale real estate and flip houses with Lex Levinrad’s proven and unique real estate wholesaling system. The easiest way to get started making money in real estate is by flipping properties. Lex will show you how you can get started flipping houses in this easy to read book.

“Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties” has been one of the best selling real estate books on Amazon for more than 4 years. This book specifically teaches you how to wholesale and flip bank owned properties, short sales, foreclosures and REO’s.

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In this book, Lex teaches you the difference between wholesale (distressed) real estate and regular retail real estate. He explains the concept of wholesaling, what it is, and how it works – which is especially helpful for new real estate investors who are unfamiliar with the concept. Lex explains concepts such as understanding the After Repair Value (ARV) formula, repair estimates, comparable sales, and knowing how to calculate how much to offer on properties.

Lex also explains how you can wholesale and flip all types of properties including bank owned REO’s, short sales, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Hud Houses and homes on auction sites. This book is required reading for all of Lex’s students who attend the Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp which teaches new real estate investors how to wholesale and flip houses twice a year in South Florida.

Here Are Just A Few Things You Will Learn:

  • The difference between wholesale real estate and retail real estate
  • How and why sellers become desperate to sell and how to find them
  • Why sellers sell their homes for much less than their true value
  • Why Bank Owned Properties And Short Sales Are Only For Cash Buyers
  • Understanding the After Repair Value (ARV) Formula and it’s components
  • Why you need to know the labor costs and material costs to make offers
  • Profit potentials from wholesale real estate and typical profits from wholesaling
  • And much, much more...

Get Your FREE Copy Of My Book “Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties”

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Read just a few of our 5 star Amazon reviews below:

This was the best book that I ever read about investing in real estate. When I first read this book, I had never even considered wholesaling a property. Now, a year later I have made offers, got contracts on properties, and wholesaled them. Plus I have met other wholesalers and have bought 4 houses from them at dramatically discounted prices. My net worth has grown substantially. Possibly the best investment ever.

Michael Dugan – Landlord With 4 Rental Properties

I read this book and was impressed by the way Lex writes about investing in real estate. I decided to fly from Israel to Florida to attend Lex’s Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp after reading this book. This book shows you how to systematically learn how to wholesale bank owned properties. This book is very clear, very enlightening and very detailed.

Shimon David – Landlord With 9 Rental Properties

I personally have had Lex mentor me and this book is a must for anyone wanting to invest in REO property, or even a person who is already actively investing. The information is well presented and clear to understand. I have used the techniques presented in this book to successfully transact a number of real estate deals in south Florida. The steps for locating, negotiating and closing on deals could not be presented in a better way to my mind.

Chris Russo– Real Estate Investor

This book offers a lot of information and, more important, guidance, as to how to get through the smartest way of Real Estate Investing in this market. All the Lex Levinrad books I have read so far, have been awesome!

Lex Levinrad is an exceptionally clear and insightful Coach & True Real Estate Investor. He does a brilliant job of organizing and presenting material in such a way that the Real Estate Investor can more easily understand it and, of greater importance, then put it to effective use. If you want great information about how to become a wholesaler, this is the book for you!

‘Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties’ is a road map which could guide and inform the development of real estate investor’s. Thank you for giving your time and sharing your knowledge with the Real Estate Investor’s community!

Sylvain Dupont – Licensed Real estate Agent

Not only does Lex explain the concepts of wholesaling bank owned properties, but gives practical instruction on how to start doing deals. There are home study courses out there for over $1,000 that don’t offer what Lex does. In addition to reading his books I’ve also attended many of Lex’s meetings and he is a true expert in his field. He’s a no BS kind of guy who is ACTUALLY doing deals (not just writing about them). I’ve used these tactics and am proud to say that I’m doing deals of my own now.  Thanks Lex, I look forward to working with you and the Distressed Real Estate Institute in the future.

Mike Hill – Full Time Wholesaler

Yites! I recently spent lots & lots of cash to learn ( from a certain TV “flip” personality), what I just got for a small cost from your book. Excellent info.

Eric Bergling – New Real Estate Investor

Amazing review and teaching process of how to learn the process of distressed real estate. If you want to begin in the business this is the way to go.

Lester Dominguez – Real Estate Investor

The author has put together a great resource that can clear the muddy waters of the bank owned property market. If you follow this books advice, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful wholesale bank owned property investor.

Laurence Samuels – Real Estate Investor

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Get Your FREE Copy Of My Book “Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties”