Are Our Emails Ending Up In Your Promotions Tab?


Do You Use Gmail?

To Make Sure That All Emails From Lex Levinrad Are Delivered To Your Primary Inbox…..

White list Our Email Address So You Get All Of Our Emails…

Your email service provider (for example Gmail) do the best that they can to make sure that you don’t receive spam. However their system often stops emails (like emails from us) from going through. In the case of Gmail our emails often will skip your primary inbox and end up in your spam folder or promotions tab.

Please Follow The Directions Below To Make Sure You Receive Our Emails If You Are A Gmail User

*IMPORTANT* Make Sure You Search Your Inbox For An Email From LEX@LEXLEVINRAD.COM And Then Follow The Instructions Below


If you are using the Gmail Mobile App on your phone or mobile device, please open the app now.

Please find the Promotions tab at the top of your inbox in Gmail.

If you do not find an email from in the promotions tab, please check the Spam Folder

    1. When you find the email from
    2. Tap the  menu icon – top right. 
    3. Then select Move to.


    1. Then select Primary from the list.

This way you will always see Emails From Me and all emails from Lex Levinrad will end up in your Primary Inbox tab… (instead of spam or promotions tab)


Gmail Tabs

– If you are using Gmail Tabs such as ‘Promotions’ please open your Promotions tab in Gmail.

    1. – If you find an email from in your Gmail Promotions tab:
    2. – Grab and drag the email to the Primary Inbox Tab.
    3. – After doing so, you will receive an alert like the one below at the top of your Gmail toolbar.
The conversation has been moved to “Primary”
Do this for future messages from Yes  

  1. – Click Yes in the box that asks if you want to do this for future messages (see above)
  2. – Now you will see all emails from Lex Levinrad in your Primary Inbox tab…