How to Buy and Flip HUD Properties

A few days ago I posted a video on my You Tube Channel showing a house that I am currently rehabbing in Vero Beach, Florida.

Many of you asked me how I found that house. The answer is I purchased that house from a wholesaler (who found it on HUD’s website).

The wholesaler made a nice profit flipping that house to me. And I intend to make at least $30,000 flipping that house to a retail buyer.

So the question is this…..

How do you as an investor find a house like this that has $35,000 or more in profit?

The answer is that there are properties like this listed every single day on HUD’s website

All you need to do is register on their website to bid on these properties. But you cannot register or submit a bid unless you have a real estate license.

So if you don’t already have a real estate license then you should seriously think about getting one.

If you don’t have a license, then you are going to need to submit a bid via an agent each and every time you find a property that you want to bid on. If you start making a lot of bids, chances are your agent will become pretty frustrated with you.

But if you had a real estate license you could simply login and bid on the properties yourself – which I recommend that you do.

I put together a podcast episode for you to talk about bidding on HUD properties, buying HUD properties, and flipping HUD Properties. The podcast is at the bottom of this page

I explain what HUD properties are, the type of properties that are listed, and the different bidder types on HUD’s website. I also explain why it is a good idea to have your real estate license and why you always need to close on HUD properties (or you will lose your deposit).

If you are an investor looking for a great deal on a property that can be purchased at a deep discount to market value then you simply cannot afford to ignore properties that are listed on HUD’s website. Many of these properties make great rentals or fix and flips.

If you want to wholesale, buy rentals, or fix and flips, then learning how to buy properties directly from HUD is a necessity.

But you need to know how to navigate HUD’s website, and the system and process for buying and bidding on HUD Properties, which I have outlined on this podcast (the podcast is at the bottom of this page).

Please click on the black and white triangle at the bottom of this page to listen to the podcast.

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