How To Change Your Mindset

On this podcast episode (at the bottom of this page) I talk about how to change your mindset, and why mindset is so important for you to be able to achieve your goals of financial freedom.

First you have to believe that you can change your life. And that starts with mindset – and how you think.

You see successful people actually think differently to everyone else (which is what Napoleon Hill proved in Think and Grow Rich).

I can take every single real estate system that I have, every tool, every resource and method that I know…..

And I can teach them all to you.

But without you understanding that everything starts with your mindset and how you think – it will be a complete waste of time and you will learn nothing.

The reason this happens is because many people let doubt, fear and negative thoughts creep into their mind.

If you are honest with yourself you will realize how true this is.

How many times have you thought about a great life changing idea.

And then had negative thoughts pop into your head telling you why that will never work?

The key to breaking out to another level is to understand that EVERYTHING starts with your mindset.

You could literally take away almost all of a man (or woman’s) 5 senses. They could be deaf, dumb, mute, and blind.

But if they have mindset nothing can stop them.

Don’t believe me?

Look up Helen Keller.

You could have no feet and run 100 meters in under 11 seconds.

Don’t believe me?

Look up Oscar Pistorius.

Franklin Roosevelt ran for president (and won) even though he was paralyzed from the waist down.

He had a winner’s mindset.

Michael Jordan was cut from his varsity basketball team in his sophomore year.

He became the greatest basketball player of all time! He has a winner’s mindset.

You see EVERYTHING starts in the mind.

Napoleon Hill says it best when he says “What The Mind Can Conceive and Believe, The Mind Can Achieve”

So first you have to conceive it (think it).

Then you have to believe it – that’s the hard part for most people.

One of the main differences is understanding the different between a goal and a dream.

A goal is attainable. A dream is not. A goal relies on your efforts. A dream relies on “luck”.

If you say to yourself “I will build a business that generates 1 million dollars in revenue” – that’s a goal

If you go out and buy a lottery ticket – that’s a dream. Do you see the difference?

A goal relies on YOU. A Dream relies on something else like “luck”.

So it all starts with mindset and believing.

You need to BELIEVE that you can achieve your goal.

In order to do that, you need to have a goal to begin with.

Once you have a goal you need to BELIEVE that you can achieve that goal.

And once you believe that you can achieve your goal, then you can work on “action steps”.

Start with thought and mindset, then belief, then your goal and break it down into small “action steps”.

Think about it. Nike was “created” as a “swoosh” that was drawn on a napkin in a diner over breakfast.

Is a building built when the bricklayers start laying bricks?

Or when the developer first conceives of the idea for the building?

Without thought there is nothing. Thought is the precursor to everything.

The mind is the one muscle of the body that everyone neglects to work on.

The brain is not really a muscle but it can be exercised just like one!

When was the last time you exercised your mind?

You may go to the gym and exercise and workout your body.

But when was the last time you worked out your brain?

When was the last time you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?

When you are uncomfortable is when you grow. So you have to focus on your mindset because that is where it all starts.

This is why I start every one of my real estate boot camps with mindset and understanding how important it is.

We spend the first two hours of the boot camp talking about books like “Think and Grow Rich”, “Laws of Success” and “the Power of Positive Thinking”.

We speak about famous authors and icons of the self help movement – the people that taught us about mindset, positive thinking (and accountability).

Norman Vincent Peale, Jim Rohn (Tony Robbin’s Mentor), Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Werner Erhart, James Hill, Earl Nightingale and many other motivational thinkers that were icons of this movement from the 50’s and into the 90’s and what it is today.

Mindset really is everything.

What you believe is so important. David believed he could slay Goliath.

Muhammad Ali believed he was the champion of the world (before he was).

If you don’t believe in yourself, or if you don’t think you can achieve a specific goal then you won’t.

Henry Ford said it best…. “If you think you can or you think you cannot you are right”.

If you want to succeed in life and achieve everything that you want (including happiness)….

then start out with working on your mindset (this includes taking responsibility for your actions).


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I mentioned the book by James Allen “As a Man Thinketh” in the podcast.

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