Learn How To Wholesale Real Estate – The Partnership Program


If you want to learn how to wholesale real estate and flip houses, and you are a beginner then you are most likely going to run into 3 major obstacles when you first start out. The first one is cash, and not having the ability to pay cash for a property or have a bank statement showing that you have the cash to pay for a property. We solve that problem by providing you with a proof of funds letter.

Your second obstacle is cash buyers. If you get a house under contract, you need to flip it to a cash buyer and if you are new then you probably don’t have many cash buyers (or any). We solve that problem by marketing your deals to our cash buyers.

Your third obstacle is how to pay for the funding of the deal. Let’s say you purchase a house for $100,000 and you flip it to a cash buyer for $120,000. You need to have a way to come up with that $100,000 before you can flip the house. We help with that by providing the transactional funding.

Our Partnership Program was created out of a need that we saw from our students who came up to us at our boot camp and told us that they were lacking these three things.

By providing a proof of fund letter, our marketing to our buyers and our funding, you can flip any house anywhere at any time with our cash. That is the concept behind the Partnership Program. It is our most popular product and we have thousands of students that have attended our Partnership Program from almost every State and from 56 Countries!

If you are new to investing in real estate, and you want to learn how to wholesale real estate and flip houses then click on the button below to learn more

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