Interview with InvestorFuse Founder Dan Schwartz

Interview with InvestorFuse Founder Dan Schwartz

On this podcast episode I interview Dan Schwartz who is the founder of InvestorFuse (to listen to the podcast, click on the white triangle inside the black bar at the bottom of this page).

InvestorFuse is a very powerful tool for real estate investors that functions as both a CRM and an automated follow up system for leads. InvestorFuse integrates very well with Carrot (real estate websites) and Call Rail (call tracking for phone numbers). If you use the Carrot integration, any lead that is created online via a web form on your cash buyer or motivated seller website becomes a lead inside your InvestorFuse account.

If you use the Call Rail integration, any lead that is created from an incoming phone call or text message, becomes a motivated seller or cash buyer lead inside your InvestorFuse account. This makes it really easy to follow up on all calls and messages including missed calls. It also makes it easy to take notes of all conversations and to add links and file attachments from conversations with motivated sellers and cash buyers.

Considering that it can take 3 to 6 months to close a real estate lead, it becomes crucial to have a central place to take notes and keep track off all phone conversations. It is also imperative to have an automated follow up process. InvestorFuse excels in this area of automated lead follow up. If you listen to this podcast episode you will know why. Dan is obsessed with building systems.

If you are doing any kind of marketing for motivated sellers, you will not be able to keep track of all of your seller leads without having a software tool like this. If you have cash buyers calling you every day you need to be tracking that too.

We use InvestorFuse in our office to keep track of all of our seller and buyer leads. We have our Acquisition Managers, Lead Managers and Disposition Managers all using InvestorFuse.

We have every incoming phone call routing through Call Rail and every one of those phone numbers is tracked in InvestorFuse. That means than anytime a seller or buyer calls our office (or even sends us a text) there is a notification made inside our InvestorFuse account. That makes it easy to keep track of everything.

During this podcast interview we also dive deep into talking about systems and scaling and what it takes to develop a 7 figure wholesaling business. Dan has an incredible vantage point, being that he manages the software that runs hundreds of very successful real estate investor teams. Dan offers some great insights into what it takes to create systems that work and how to scale your wholesaling
business to 7 figures.

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