My Student John Quit His Six Figure Job To Flip Houses For A Living!

My student John wholesaled and flipped 5 houses after attending the Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp. I funded every one of John’s first 5 wholesale flips. After wholesaling 5 houses and attending the Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp, John decided he wanted to try fixing and flipping (instead of wholesaling).

He fixed and flipped his first house for a total profit of $60,000! (see the picture below of John standing in front of that house).

After that fix and flip deal, John quit his six figure job as an IT Manager for a large company and decided to focus on  fixing and flipping houses full time. John made the decision to be a full time real estate investor because he was seeking financial freedom. John made over $100,000 on his second fix and flip and almost $120,000 on his third fix and flip.

If you are ready to be really inspired, if you want financial freedom and you are struggling to figure out how to get it, then I encourage you to just stop what you are doing, turn off your cell phone, and set aside just 20 minutes to watch this video interview that I did with John below.

I want you to see how a student of mine like John was able to quit his six figure job and become a real estate investor who flips houses for a living full time. I want you to see how real it is. And how you could be doing this too: Click on the video below to watch it.


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