Is The Airbnb & Short Term Rentals Market Dead?

Is The Airbnb Market Dead?

A lot of people are asking if the Airbnb and Short Term Rentals market is dead or a bubble. I sit down with my student Andy, who has 10 Airbnb’s and we discuss the state of the Airbnb Market and how it has changed.

So is the Airbnb Market dead? Absolutely not! People are still looking for that vacation experience but, the market has changed.

There are still opportunities out there to make money in the Airbnb market, primarily because travel is not going anywhere and people still have money to spend.

The major difference in today’s Airbnb market is how people are choosing to spend their money on travel!

You can’t just take a house and just throw it on Airbnb anymore, the market has moved beyond that.

In this market, you have to create an experience to give people a reason to book your Airbnb over the competition. If you can give people an experience and a reason to book your Airbnb, that’s how you create cash flow in this Airbnb market.

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