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Interview With Voyage Miami Magazine

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lex Levinrad. Lex, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? I was a very successful stockbroker and...

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Single-family rentals on the rise in South Florida

Nearly a quarter of all single-family homes in South Florida were occupied by tenants or available for lease last year, according to a report that underscores the changing profile of...

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Pembroke Pines a Top Market for Flipping Houses

When it comes to flipping houses, investors should head to Pembroke Pines, a new report shows. Pembroke Pines ranks No. 18 on a list of the nation's best housing markets for...

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Home flipping rises slightly in South Florida

sing home prices have chased investors from the market, but flipping properties remained a viable and lucrative option in South Florida last year, new data show. Flips accounted for 8.6 percent...

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Fuerte la reventa de viviendas en el sur de Florida

Incluso mientras los precios de los bienes raíces se disparan, la reventa de viviendas sigue siendo un gran negocio en el sur de la Florida. Aunque ahora es más difícil hacer...

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Lessons Learned From Home Flippers

Lex Levinrad is getting phone calls. More than he can handle. His Boca Raton-based Distressed Real Estate Institute is flooded with requests these days from regular people — teachers, plumbers,...

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South Florida home flippers still on the hunt as prices rise

Even as local real-estate prices soar, home flipping is still a big business in South Florida. While it’s getting harder to find a good deal, flippers say they’re riding the wave...

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Housing market: Home flipping falls in first quarter

Home flipping declined across South Florida in the first quarter, but the region was still among the nation's most active for home flippers, a new report shows. There were 882 flips...

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It’s a good time to be a landlord

Phil Schaal owns three rental houses in Pompano Beach and one in Lantana. He bought with an eye on the future. "In today's market, being a landlord is one the best...

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Housing market: Cash is king in South Florida

Never mind the rising price of homes. Buyers are coming with fistfuls of cash. In fact, homebuyers in South Florida now pay cash more often than they get a mortgage. During the...

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‘Zombie’ foreclosures on the decline across South Florida

The number of "zombie" homes in South Florida has dropped from a year ago, though these distressed properties still make up a sizable part of the region's foreclosure market. At the...

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‘Zombie’ foreclosures linger in South Florida

Foreclosures of abandoned homes are declining locally, though the numbers still outpace most areas nationwide, a new report shows. Palm Beach County had 2,749 so-called zombie foreclosures at the end of...

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House flipping in South Florida up only 8 percent

House flipping in South Florida rose only 8 percent last year after nearly doubling a year earlier as investors start to focus on other areas, a new report shows. In 2013,...

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Foreclosures increase in August across Broward, Palm Beach

After declining for 14 straight months, new foreclosure cases suddenly spiked in August, a new report shows. Lenders filed 238 foreclosures last month in Palm Beach County, up 10 percent from...

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South Florida’s Wave Of Cash Home Sales Is Shutting Out Entry-Level Buyers

In South Florida, 69 percent of all home sales last month were cash deals -- and that's way above the national average. Across the state, 66 percent of home sales were...

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據一份報告顯示,南佛羅里達州近四分之一的單戶住宅被租戶佔用,或者可供租賃出租,這一報告強調了租戶的不斷變化。 根據房地產網站Zillow.com分析的美國人口普查數據顯示,在棕櫚灘,布勞沃德和邁阿密戴德縣,2015年904,700套房屋中有22%用作租房。 Zillow表示,這比2014年的19.5%有所上升,這是自2005年以來的最高百分比,這是每年計算數據的第一年。 住房分析師和顧問說,傳統上,租房者都是年輕的,單身的專業人士住在公寓裡,但更多的家庭正在轉向單戶住宅,因為他們推遲了房屋所有權,或者買不起房子。 “我們每天都與家人打交道,”西棕櫚灘非營利性住房機構Neighborhood Renaissance的執行董事Terri Murray說。 “他們主要尋找有三到四間臥室的房子,因為大多數公寓都有一間或兩間臥室。” 32歲的達倫希爾是一名重型設備運營商,他與妻子和四個孩子一起租了一套四居室的好萊塢房子,他說他正在努力攢夠錢買他的第一套房子。 然而,價格上漲使這一點變得困難,他說。 希爾說,每個人都沒有1萬美元可以放下房屋。 “我喜歡租房,因為你知道修理是在別人身上。 但我不希望在餘生中租房。“ 總部位於西雅圖的Zillow的高級經濟學家Aaron Terrazas表示,在2006年至2011年的止贖危機期間,單戶住宅被轉換為數千套住房。 他說,被貸方收回的房屋後來賣給了投資者,投資者對這些房產進行了翻新並租給了他們,往往是在房屋破產中遇到的前業主。 這有助於提升房屋價值並導致房地產復甦。 特拉薩斯說,一些以前的房主可能不願意重新回到市場,而其他人不能很快購買。 “也許他們被這次經歷傷痕累累,但由於他們過去曾是房主,很多人想再次購買,”他說。 然而,非盈利組織Palm Beach County Affordable Housing Collaborative的總裁凱文馬赫說,高額債務和不良信貸正在阻礙。 他說,與此同時,房屋價格上漲繼續遠遠超過工資增長,阻止了家庭再次購房。 馬赫說:“它已經達到了你不能以適度收入購買任何有價物品的地步。” 房主通常有首付款,關閉成本,維護費和租房者不承擔的其他義務。 然而,分析師表示,近年來租金上漲使得租房者難以存入足夠的資金購買,導致他們陷入無法承受的住房成本週期。 希爾的房東亞歷山大·格林斯坦(Lex的學生)表示,她知道對單戶租房的需求很大,但她並不認為這一回應會像她第一天出租好萊塢房屋一樣令人難以招架。 。 格林斯坦說:“我有16個不同的家庭通過,而且還有更多人在呼喚它。” “前兩週我有40個電話。” 總部位於博卡拉頓的貧困房地產研究所的創始人萊克斯萊文拉德表示,未來幾年單戶租賃的需求可能會保持穩定。 他鼓勵他的投資俱樂部成員考慮購買出租房產,因為他們提供大量的稅收優惠和穩定的回報。 Levinrad說,南佛羅里達州典型的三居室租金每年約為13%。 “這是一個很棒的退休計劃,”他說。 “在南佛羅里達州,有很多工作,很多人搬到這裡。 所有這些人都必須住在某個地方。“ 要在Sun Sentinel網站上查看此文章,請單擊此處...

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Home flipping falls as South Florida prices rise

Higher prices led to fewer flipped homes across South Florida in the third quarter, a new report shows. Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties had 940 flips in July, August and...

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Florida Leads Nation In Cash Only Home Sales

Florida led the nation last month with what one expert called an "astounding" rate of all-cash home sales: 66 percent, a new report shows. Investor groups, international...

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Foreclosure home sales slip in South Florida

Sales of South Florida homes in some stage of foreclosure fell in the first quarter of the year, according to a report released today by RealtyTrac. From January through March, there...

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Mortgage underwater? Here are options to keep from drowning

In today's troubled real estate waters, homeowners facing the rising tide of underwater mortgages have two choices: sink or swim. Consider that approximately 23 percent of those with a mortgage—some...

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