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If you want your real estate business to thrive, you will need to be constantly marketing to motivated sellers. As your business grows, and as you make more money, you should be allocating more and more capital towards your marketing efforts. When you market to more motivated sellers then you will get more seller leads. And more seller leads means more phone calls.

When you can’t answer the phone yourself, and you have too many seller leads coming in, then it’s time for you to hire a lead manager to help you with all of your incoming seller leads. That lead manager should be filtering through the leads and saving them in your CRM (we use Podio). The goal of the lead manager is to book appointments for you to meet with motivated sellers.

As your lead pipeline grows, and as you market more and more, eventually you will come to a point where you cannot go on all of the appointments yourself. Or you may decide that you don’t want to. When you are at this point where you can’t go on any more appointments then it’s time for you to hire an acquisitions manager. If you want to scale and grow your focus should be on driving more leads and conversions, not answering the phones or going on appointments. You will need to hire an acquisitions manager to go on those appointments for you.

The problem is, how are you going to train the acquisitions manager? How are you going to train your lead manager? What should they say? What scripts should they use? How should they overcome seller’s objections?

That is where the Online Sales Training by John Martinez is so important. John has more than 20 years of sales experience and he has applied that knowledge of sales and sales training to create an amazing resource for real estate investors.

John’s training is specifically for real estate investors and real estate companies that want to learn how to train themselves and their teams to convert more leads. If you have a lead manager or an acquisitions manager, or if you are thinking of hiring for either of these two positions, then the Online REI Sales Academy is an amazing resource. If you are the owner of your own real estate company and you personally act as the Acquisitions Manager then this training will be very valuable for you as well. Whether you are a solo real estate investor, or a real estate investment company with a few employees, you should check out John’s Sales training. It’s called the “REI Sales Academy” and it’s really good!

I personally use the online sales training’s in my office with my staff, and I have personally attended John’s boot camp in person as well. I have all of my lead managers and acquisitions managers complete the online training when they are hired. I also refer my coaching students to the Online Sales Academy as well.  

Many of my friends and associates in my Collective Genius Mastermind, who are some of the biggest real estate investors in the U.S. have their entire sales team complete John’s training and attend his boot camps. And all of them say the same thing – it’s awesome!

Check It Out For Yourself – It comes Highly Recommended (by me)

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