Old School Real Estate Methods Still Work!


Old school real estate methods still work despite what real estate guru’s tell you

For example, one old school method, putting out bandit signs. Going out into the neighborhood you are targeting with $2 bandit signs and using a hammer stapler to staple them up on telephone poles. If someone really motivated to sell their house lives in that neighborhood, they may give you a call. Create your own bandit signs by Clicking Here!

Another old school strategy is driving for dollars. When you are driving around your target market and you see vacant or boarded up houses you can use tools like Deal Machine skip trace to get the owner’s phone number. Learn more about using Deal Machine to market to motivated sellers by Clicking Here! You can then call the owner and let them know you are a real estate investor sitting outside the property. You can discuss how the property appears to be vacant or boarded up and that you’d like to make an offer to buy the property if they are interested in selling.

Old school methods still work and they will continue to work. Even things like door-knocking which is how I started out in this business. I see people going out there doing really well with this tactic too.

So, old school methods can work and do work! Learn more about how to employ these methods and others at my Wholesaling and Flipping Real Estate Boot Camp, click the button below to learn more:

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