Our Student Chris Made $75,000 Fixing and Flipping This Houses


In this video, I am with my student Chris at his most recent fix and flip.

He purchased this house for just $80,000 and sold it for $210,000. His net profit on this fix and flip after all costs, commissions and repairs was $75,000.

Chris came to his first Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp around 5 years ago. Since attending his first boot camp, he has purchased and owns 12 rental properties, has fixed and flipped 27 houses and has wholesaled over 80 houses! At our last boot camp we asked Chris how much profit he has made in real estate since attending my boot camp. The answer was $2.2 million!

If you want to learn how to do this, you should start out by attending the Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp.

A good place to start right now is to watch my free training webinar on Fixing and Flipping houses

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