Partnership Program Benefits (included for $97 per month)

Unlimited Access to the Lex Real Estate Training Site ( including access to new training modules as they are uploaded. There are hundreds of hours of training videos and audios as well as audio books, PDF documents and forms that you need in order to wholesale and flip houses. We constantly add training’s to our training site on a weekly basis. There is a video recording of both the Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp and the Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp (all 3 days for both boot camps). I encourage you to watch those boot camp videos which are on the training site. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the training site since many of your questions will be answered by reviewing the FAQ. If you are a new student, you will most likely be asking the same questions as the 6,500+ students who have been through our program so please check the Frequently asked questions before submitting a support ticket to our Support Desk. If you are a new Partnership Program student, then start on the training site with the “Welcome to the Partnership Program” at the top of the Partnership Program Section. Work your way sequentially down the tab (in order). Make sure you watch all of the video trainings, print out all of the PDF’s and mark each section as complete when you finish it.

Unlimited Access to the Proof of Funds Letters Site which enables you to create custom proof of funds letters with the offer amount for your purchase and the property address that you are making the offer on. Each POF Letter is personally signed by Lex. You cannot make offers on Bank Owned Properties, REO’s, Short Sales, or Pre-Foreclosures without a proof of funds letter. As long as you are a current student in our program (paying the $97 a month), you will have access to the Proof of Funds Letter Site. 

​Unlimited Email Support for Your Real Estate Deals 

We offer unlimited email support for all of your support questions. Our Support Desk email address is supportdesk@ We do not offer phone support and all support must be submitted through a support ticket by sending an email to supportdesk at We get questions like “The realtor said I should meet them and put up the deposit what should I do?” That question is answered in our “Frequently Asked Questions” which is why we always recommend that you check there first. Or ” how many days inspection should I put on the contract” or I have the cash buyer who wants to buy my house that I have under contract but what do I do next and how do I fund this deal? or “How do I handle the double closing?” After training over 6,500 students, it’s safe to assume that your question has been asked before possibly hundreds of times. So If you are a new real estate investor then make sure you check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before you submit a Support Ticket. Please note that Support Tickets are responded to between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Support Tickets are not responded to on weekends or on Holiday weekends like Labor Day, Memorial Day etc. Also please note that our office is closed on the Monday after boot camps and on the Thursday before boot camps.  

Ticket to the Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp  you can attend the 3 day Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp as many times as you want to attend as long as you are a current member of our Partnership Program. Some of our most successful students have attended the boot camp 7 or more times. Lex highly recommends that you attend these live in person but you can also watch the live event via Zoom Webinar (you must attend live within your first 12 months, after 12 months you can request a Zoom invite).

Ticket to the Fixing & Flipping Houses Boot Camp   you can attend the Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp as many times as you want as long as you are a current member of our Partnership Program. Some of our most successful students have attended the boot camp 7 times. Lex highly recommends that you attend these live in person but you can also watch the live event via Zoom Webinar. 

Transactional Funding for All Your Real Estate Deals In The Partnership Program If you get a house under contract and you want to wholesale or flip it, but you need someone to transactional fund the deal for you, then this is one of the main benefits of being in our Partnership Program. If the property is located in Florida, we can offer transactional funding or we will have one of our local transactional funding partners fund the deal. If you are a current member of our Partnership Program and you follow the terms of the Partnership Program Agreement (which you signed when you first signed up for our Program) and your deal is located in Florida, then we can fund your deal. The most important thing to remember if you are double closing is that BOTH the buy transaction (your purchase) and the sell Transaction (your sale) needs to be at one of our approved Title Companies in Florida. If you are outside of the State of Florida we can refer you to a transactional funding company to fund your deal. 

​​Home Depot Bus Trip and Bank Owned Property Bus Trip we take you on a bus trip to Home Depot, to show you the materials that you should be using on your rehabs. We teach you about labor costs, and we go aisle by aisle in Home Depot, to make sure that you understand the cost of repairs and what it costs to fix up a house. We also take you to bank owned properties on a bus trip so you can see for yourself what vacant boarded up houses can look like. We teach you on the spot how to calculate and estimate the repairs and the ARV so you can determine your offer price. As long as you are a current member of the Partnership Program you can attend these bank owned property and Home Depot Bus Trips. 

​We Market Your Deals to Our Cash Buyers If you have a house under contract in Florida, but you don’t have a cash buyer to sell the house to, then we can help market your deal to our database of cash investors. This is a very common situation for new investors that first get a house under contract, but have no idea what to do next. We can market your wholesale deal that you have under contract to our cash buyers in Florida (we have one of the largest cash buyer’s lists in the State of Florida). Being able to flip a house is very much dependent on having cash buyers to sell the house to. If your deal is truly a wholesale deal at a wholesale price then we will help you move it quickly by sending it out on our daily email to our cash buyers. All deals that are sold in this way are split evenly down the middle (50/50) net of fees which is why we call it the Partnership Program. Use our custom site for our students to submit your deals directly to our Dispositions Manager. You need to be a current student who is active in our program (paying $97 per month) in order to submit deals to us. Deals must be located in the State of Florida and be a wholesale deal (not retail) in order to be on our daily email. 

Unlimited Access To The Partnership Program 

All of the benefits of the Partnership Program including Proof of Funds Letter Site, Submitting Deals, Access to our Boot Camps, Access to our Support Desk, Access to our private Facebook Group, access to our title companies for double closings, and transactional funding for your wholesale deals deals. If you are a beginner, there is a very good chance you will need this help to get your first few deals done. Once you have flipped a few houses like this you will be well on your way to being an independent wholesaler. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our students successfully flipping their first few houses. At this point we consider you “graduated”.

Training Webinars With Lex

Training Webinars with Lex on topics like Comparable Sales, Introduction to the Partnership Program, and How To Get Started. 

​​Exclusive Access to our Student Only Facebook Group Ask all of your questions live in our Facebook Group, comment on other students posts, and network with other Partnership Program students in our Program. Our Support Desk monitors the Facebook Group daily. Lex often personally responds to many of the support questions as well. We have extensive resources in the “Files” section of the Facebook Group and you can use the “search” feature to search the group for specific topics. Make sure you check the “Files” section of the Facebook Group. Make sure you know how to use the “search” feature in the Facebook Group. Don’t be shy – ask questions. The Facebook Group is the best place to do this since it will be seen instantly.

Access to our Comparable Sales Comps Why pay for expensive monthly subscriptions, when you can access our pay as you go portal to get unlimited comparable sales reports. Even better, we provide you with the video training’s to show you how to use these comparable sales reports to estimate the After Repair Value (ARV) of a house. Please watch the Comparable Sales Training Videos under the “Partnership Program” tab on the training site which is located at You need to understand what a house is worth, and how much the repairs will cost, in order to estimate ARV and know how much to offer. You need to learn this well. Lex teaches this extensively at the boot camps which is why you want to make sure that you attend every boot camp (live if you can). You can sign up for our comps at this link

Discount Access To Motivated Seller Leads

Get access to absentee and motivated seller leads at a fraction of what you would normally pay by being our student. Get leads for as low as 3 cents a lead by visiting or get access to List Source leads for just 3 cents per lead with a $97 month subscription (additional fee of $97 per month to use this service). Check out this link to see the new tool that all of our students rave about and is quickly becoming a staple in our business. 

Lex Direct Mail

Access our Direct Mail House for mailing postcards and yellow letters to motivated sellers and we have all of the templates already made for you which is located at

Access to our Wholesaling Contract Site ($37 per month)

(only for our students in our Partnership Program who are active and paying) When you meet with a motivated seller do you have a purchase contract to use? Our most asked question is “what purchase contract should I use for wholesaling?” Well we have created a custom wholesaling contract site for our students (only) which is pre- signed (by you) and pre- formatted with your initials. You don’t have to worry about how to complete the contract since it’s all done for you.

You can create contracts on the go on your tablet, laptop or phone and you can literally create a purchase contract while you are on a seller appointment at a sellers house. No need for printers and scanners. You can create and execute a purchase contract 100% electronically right at the kitchen table of a seller’s house!

Access to our Purchase Contract Sites (37 per month)

We have created purchase contract sites exclusively for our students in Florida at

and all other States

Are you making offers on properties that require a standard purchase contract? we have created custom purchase contracts for our students (only) which are pre-signed and pre-formatted. You can create contracts on the go on your tablet, laptop or phone and you can literally create a signed purchase contract while you are at a coffee shop with no printer, no scanner and no pen. This could be the difference between getting a deal and losing it.

Access to Our Land Trust Site ($37 per month)

We have also created a Land Trust Site for our Florida students at

*Please note that there is an additional fee of $37 per month to use any 3 of the 4 sites listed above* We do not offer this service to anyone who is not a student*. For a limited time, we have been offering access to 3 out of the 4 sites above for just $37 per month. 

Note For New Students

Lex has trained over 6,500 students over the past 13 years how to invest in real estate. Many of our students are now multi millionaires from investing in real estate. Lex can and does change lives every single day by teaching people how to invest in real estate. Many of our students go on to quit their jobs and become full time real estate investors. Our training program has been refined and perfected over the years in order to give maximum benefit to our students for the lowest price possible. However, there is one ingredient that you need  for all of the training to work. And that ingredient is YOU. You have to be willing to do the work. What you learn in the trainings, on the online training site and at the boot camps has to be implemented by YOU. 

The training is presented to you in a very methodical manner. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

Your first step is to READ THE HOME STUDY COURSE that was mailed to you and listen to the 6 disc audio CD set. The Home Study Course gives you an introduction to Wholesale Real Estate, how this differs to retail real estate and walks you through the first 10 houses that Lex purchased with no money down. It then goes into specific details that you need to understand in order to know how to buy real estate at wholesale prices. You cannot skip this step. You MUST read the Home Study Course.

READ WHOLESALING BANK OWNED PROPERTIES. If you are a new student your goal is to learn how to buy wholesale deals at wholesale prices and flip these deals to other investors. You cannot understand this concept until you have read this book. Lex goes into details on how to buy and flip foreclosures, short sales and bank owned properties. You need to understand this information (especially in today’s market). You cannot skip this step. You MUST read the book.

READ THE TITLE INSURANCE TIPS AND SECRETS BOOK. You need to understand assignments, double closings, and transactional funding. You also need to understand Title Commitments, Title Insurance and Lien Searches. Read this book. You cannot skip this step. When you get a house under contract you need to understand this.

AFTER you have completed all of the above, then you can login to the training site and click on the “Welcome” tab at the top of the Partnership Program tab.  Then periodically move down the Partnership Program tab and read everything including  all of the training videos. Read every single Frequently Asked Question on our Training Site. If you have questions, then submit your questions to our Support Desk which is monitored daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Do not skip this step.

Join our private student only Facebook Group and familiarize yourself with the “Files” section and how to “search” the Facebook Group. Download the PDF files to your computer, print them out and review them. There are literally hundreds of links for you to visit and learn more. Do not skip this step. 

Make sure you attend all of the boot camps including the Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp and the Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camps. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE EVERYTHING COMES TOGETHER. 

The boot camps are the place where you want to ask every question that you can and Lex can answer your questions directly. It is recommended that you attend the live event versus the Zoom Webinar (you must attend live within your first 12 months).


in order to prepare for the boot camp you should make sure you have read your Home Study Course, Wholesaling Book and Title Insurance Book and completed all of the trainings on the Partnership Program tab on the training site. If you have skipped some of these steps you will be confused at the boot camp and you will know it. You will also notice the students that have not skipped steps because they will be asking all of the right questions.

If you do all of the steps before the boot camp then EVERYTHING WILL FALL INTO PLACE. 

Make sure you check out our event dates for the upcoming boot camps here