Fixing and Flipping Houses Preview Before The House Is Listed on the MLS

In this video, I start out by driving through a neighborhood where I am listing a property for sale to show you what the neighborhood looks like.

I like to preview properties before we list them on the MLS, and I like to make sure that everything is perfect. I notice everything all the way to the smell of the property when you first open the door (tip in hot areas keep your a/c cooler). In this video, you see that as I approach the house, I notice that it is missing a mailbox, something that two employees of mine omitted to mention when visiting the property. This is why I like to preview the properties myself before they are listed on the MLS.

When I get to the property, I do a complete walk through of the property with you, and show you every room in the house, and what a house that has been remodeled by my crew looks like. I show you how every item that we use for materials is the same in every property that we renovate. Keep in mind that these are entry level houses that are being sold to end buyers who are mostly first time home buyers who are purchasing with an FHA Mortgage. If you are renovating nicer homes in nicer neighborhoods then you may want to spend a little more on tile, bathroom tile, cabinets, vanities and appliances. But for our market that we rehab in, which is entry level homes this fit and finish is perfect.

Every home that we renovate has the same laminate flooring, the same tile, the same cabinets, the same counter tops. Everything is the same all the way down to the ceiling fans, the door knobs, and the light switches. While this may not be very original, we have found that the neutral brown color pattern that we use works well with most buyers. It also helps us keep a handle on our costs. Since we know the cost of each component we know exactly what it will cost in materials for every house based on the square footage.

An alternative color scheme to this brown look that we have used on our remodels is white cabinets, stainless steel handles and stainless steel appliances along with grey granite counter tops and grey/silver back splashes. That look works very well too for fixing and flipping. However we have found that houses with the brown look, the houses sell a bit quicker. After personally visiting almost every model home builder in South Florida, I have found that the vast majority go with the brown laminate and dark cherry wood cabinet look. If you want to learn a thing or two about remodeling, what is in style and home staging then spend a few Sunday afternoons going to visit new home builders model homes and pay attention to everything from the colors that they use all the way down to the finishes. Take photos if you can. It will give you great ideas of what to use for your home remodel. These companies have spent millions of dollars figuring out what consumers want. Copy them.

If you want to see a list of the materials that were used on this house you can download the material list with product SKU numbers from Home Depot below:

Download the Materials List

Download the Materials List

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