Purchasing Motivated Seller Lists

Setting Goals

On this podcast episode, I talk about purchasing motivated seller lists and where and how to purchase these lists or get access to them. The smartest real estate investors know that if you are marketing to motivated sellers then knowing how to get the best lists is extremely important.

Motivated seller lists are broken down into many different categories. You can purchase many different types of lists including foreclosure lists, absentee owner lists, probate lists, inheritance lists etc. Some of these lists can be located for free on the county or city website. Some cities and counties make locating this information more difficult than others. List brokers are able to provide some of these lists for a fee. Some of the hardest to obtain lists require you to physically go down to the courthouse. Those are the best lists since the least amount of investors actually bother to do that. The worst lists are the ones that are the easiest to purchase. The best lists are the ones that your competitors don’t know about.

The big question I get asked all of the time by my students is WHERE and HOW to purchase these lists. This podcast episode will help you with that.

Generally speaking, you can break out your motivated seller lists into different groups (some of which are listed below). This list is NOT all-inclusive. There are many lists that are not listed below.





So the question is where does a real estate investor go to buy these motivated seller leads?

Here are some of the resources that I personally use, or have used in the past which may help you narrow down your choices:

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