Rental Properties and Investing In Real Estate For Positive Cash Flow


Rental Properties And Investing In Real Estate For Positive Cash Flow

Watch this interview with my student Jorge which was taken in my office today. Jorge flew in from California and came straight from the airport to my office for a coaching session. In this video we talk about rental properties including the two triplexes that he currently owns with his wife (who didn’t want to be in the video but you can hear in the background).

We also talk about buying another rental property which is a single family rental property in Port St Lucie, FL which he is purchasing directly from my wholesale real estate deals email. You can get those emails by signing up at

The rental property that we are talking about is a rental property that I currently own which has a tenant in place and is in great condition. All he needs to do is purchase the property, wait six months and then refinance the property with a new appraisal. As I mentioned in the video he is purchasing the house for $134,900 and the house next door is listed (and pending sale) at $174,900. So there is a lot of equity in this deal (about $40,000).

In addition to helping Jorge find the house, I am also giving him a hard money loan on the property which is needed in order to buy it for cash (it’s not for sale to retail investors). So I help my students with the financing too.

Enjoy the video!


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