Setting Up Your Real Estate Websites

You will be setting up your websites using Carrot Real Estate Investor Websites

You will need to have at least one cash buyer website, and one motivated seller website.


The purpose of the buyer website is to market to and attract cash buyers who are looking for wholesale deals at wholesale prices. This will be landlords looking for rental properties and rehabbers looking for fix and flips.

You will need to have inventory (houses) on your cash buyer website. This can be houses you have under contract, or it can be houses that other wholesalers have under contract that are allowing you to market their deals in order to find a cash buyer for them. If you are a beginner and you don’t yet have any houses under contract then you should actively seek out to partner with other wholesalers that DO have deals for you to market. This way you will have something to talk about with cash buyers that are calling you.

Cash buyers are looking for wholesale deals at 70% of ARV. It is your job to find and show them deals. If you don’t have any, then see what wholesalers in your area have and ask them if they would be willing to pay you a fee if you found them a buyer. Most wholesalers (but not all) will say yes. If you are in Florida, and you are my student then feel free to market my deals to your cash buyers.


The purpose of the motivated seller website is to market to and attract motivated sellers. You are looking to have sellers that are motivated (distressed) calling you. You also want your website to be found on a Google Search for terms like: “Sell my house now”, “Sell my house fast”, Sell house (name of your city) etc.


I recommend that you go with the “Content Pro” $99 package with Carrot Real Estate Investor Websites

You get 3 websites with this package and you can use one for your cash buyer site and one for your motivated seller site. Your third one can be either another cash buyer site or another motivated seller site

Remember that you must use this link above if you want our Support Desk to help you with your setup. I suggest you purchase our $300 VA package which will give you 6 hours of support. Remember to use Go Daddy for the domain names.