So You Want To Quit Your Job And Be A Full Time Investor?

I sat down with a coaching student in my office a few days ago.

This was our first meeting.

He informed me that he was quitting his job to focus on investing in real estate full time.

Is this you?

Have you ever thought about quitting the rat race to invest and real estate?

Would you like to have more free time to spend with your family, pursue your hobbies and take more vacations?

Of course you do. It’s called Financial Freedom and it is very liberating to fire your boss and be financially independent.

If you have attended any of our Seeminars or Boot Camps, then you have seen first hand how I encourage people to step out of their box – to get out of their comfort zone.

I challenge people every day to get out of their own rat race and to embrace change.

And I teach them a system and provide them with tools to do so.

I encourage people to quit their jobs and pursue a career in real estate.

I do it every single day.

But listen up….

Just because I have a program called “Millions in Real Estate With No Cash and No Credit” doesn’t mean you should quit your job (just yet).

Students that listen to my webinars or attend one of my Coaching Training Sessions often misconstrue what they hear.

They HATE THEIR JOB SO MUCH that when I say “If you don’t like what you do for a living then quit” that they go out and do just that (quit).

Some people believe that they can just quit their day job attend one Boot Camp and become a financially free millionaire.


That is a very bad idea.

Disclaimer – I don’t recommend to anyone EVER that they quit their job.

However I do recommend that you think about it.

And I am glad that as you read this you may be thinking about it.

Because there is a better way to build your income and your wealth than showing up at 9 a.m. every morning.

How do I know this? Because I used to have a job way back in 1994. That was the last time I worked for someone.

And it sucked. It really really sucked. It sucks the soul out of you – unless you love it (which I didn’t).

Financial Freedom, being self employed, and being in control of your time, your destiny, your finances, your income and your wealth is the goal.

But you have to have a plan. I call it a game plan. You need to break your game plan down into manageable pieces.

So let’s break this down into manageable pieces. I call these pieces. “Action Steps”.

Let’s say you make $50,000 per year which according to the U.S Census Bureau is the median household income.

And let’s say that you want to quit your day job and replace this $50,000 income with income from real estate.

Is this doable?

Of course!

Is this achievable?


Notice I didn’t say millions. I said $50,000 per year.

Now if you make $100,000 a year, or $200,000 a year then quitting your job becomes that much harder (you have more income to replace).

And if you don’t have any income at all or you don’t have a job to quit then it is way easier for you to get started (you have lots of free time).

So let’s break this down into manageable “Action Steps” – using the $50,000 median income as a goal.

Let’s assume that you could find a house that you could fix and flip and make a profit of $25,000.

Can you do this?

Of course you can!

Students of mine do it every single day!

So all you would need is to flip 2 houses like this per year and you would be making $50,000 per year.

But let me point out a few weak points in your game plan:

Using our local market in South Florida as an example, let’s focus on a house in Port St Lucie Florida which is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. This is your typical house like you find all over the U.S.

Like the house my student purchased last week for  $96,000.

Let’s say she spent $9,000 repairing that property so after paying for repairs her cost was $105,000 all in. This specific property has a remodeled kitchen with new appliances and 2 remodeled bathrooms so all it needs is tile floors, paint, cleanup and baseboards which could be easily done for $9,000.

Let’s say she could list and sell this house for $140,000 (she can since one sold down the street at that price last week).

Since she has a real estate license  she can save the 3% commission for the listing agent and can list it herself.

If she paid a buyers agent 3% to find a buyer and she paid 2% in closing costs she would net $133,000

If she found the buyer herself instead of using another agent she could increase her net to $137,200

So her profit could be as much as $32,200.

Assuming it took 5 months to buy, fix sell and close she could easily do this twice a year.

And that would be $64,400 per year.

If her income was $50,000 on her day job then she could quit her job and flip 2 houses a year and replace her income from her job.

Sounds awesome right?

Well I don’t want to burst your bubble, but what I DO want you to do is to look at reality.


  1. She has a real estate license. If she did not then she would have given up a whopping $8,400 in real estate commissions (get your license).
  2. It is not easy to find a house with that much spread that needs that little work (ask me how I know this). It can take months to find a house like this.
  3. Where are you going to come up with the $105,000 CASH to buy the house and pay for the repairs?

If you don’t have all of that cash then you cannot play this game.

Unless you BORROW IT.

So In most likelihood you are going to have to BORROW the money to get into this deal.

And even if you did borrow the money. Even if I personally loaned you $90,000 out of the $96,000 purchase you are still going to need a decent amount of cash.

Let’s Look At Some Numbers:

Let’s assume you purchased this house for $96,000

And you put down only $6,000 and I personally gave you a hard money loan for $90,000 at 13% interest with 3 points (pretty standard hard money loan).

In addition to the $6,000 down payment, you would have the following fees:

Points – $2,700 (3 points)

Fees – $1,200 (mortgage and note, admin fee, wire fee etc.)

Closing Costs – $2,000 (2%)

Insurance $1,500

So even if I loaned you $90,000 you would still need to come up with $7,400 at the closing table.

Then you would need an additional $9,000 for repairs.

That brings your out of pocket to $16,400.

Then you would have 5 months of interest at 13% which would be $4,875.

Your total out of pocket would now be $21,275.

And that’s assuming everything went right.

What if you opened up a wall and there were termites?

What if the roof had a leak? What is the A/C system needed to be replaced?

What if there was an unforeseen expense of $5,000 or more?

Even if nothing went wrong.

If you sold for $140,000 and you did not have a real estate license then you would net $128,800.

After you pay off the $90,000 hard money loan you would have $38,800 left over.

After you deduct the $21,275 cash you put into the deal you would have $17,525 left.

Do that twice a year and you are making $35,000 BEFORE TAXES

if you are using the same checking account for your property as you are to pay your bills, groceries etc then what WHAT WOULD YOU DO if it took longer than 5 months to sell?

What would you do if you ran out of money?

Do you suppose it is prudent to have an extra $5,000 to $10,000 in reserves? HINT yes it is.

What would you do If your repairs were more than the estimate of $9,000?

What would you do if your house sold for $132,000 instead of $140,000?

Now your profit could go to almost zero!

Still want to quit your job?

Here is the thing….



Get your grub stake (cash) together.

A great way to do this is by learning how to wholesale and flip houses


Wholesale 6 houses and make $5,000 on each house and that is $30,000 saved up.

Get $30,000 to $40,000 saved up and you have the cash to get yourself into a fix and flip

Learn your target market city well and know your comparable sales better than anyone else.

Learn how to wholesale and flip houses.

Learn How to structure the deal

Learn how to get transactional funding and how to double close a deal.

Flip more houses. Save up your cash.

Learn how to build a cash buyers list.

Get your real estate license.

keep looking for that perfect house with enough spread to fix and flip.

When you find that house get into your first fix and flip.

And maybe instead of flipping it put a tenant in there and rent it out.

And after six months you can refinance and take ALL of your money out.

Key Point – You HAVE TO HAVE A JOB to refinance.


Then buy another house and do this again

And again

And again.

You can easily buy one house a year like this.

My student Phil has 5 houses. My student Elmer has 65 houses. You can have as many rentals as you can manage.

When you refinance get 15 year mortgages (not 30 year).

Make your goal to own these houses FREE AND CLEAR in 15 years.

Buy ten houses, fix them and rent them out.

Then refinance them.

And then if you want to – THEN you can quit your job.

What if you don’t want to wait that long?

Learn how to wholesale and flip houses for small profits!

If you can make at least 80% of your income flipping houses consistently for at least 12 months.

Then you may be ready. Like my student Mike Hill who quit his job and is a full time wholesaler.


  1. Repair your credit NOW if it is bad so that you can refinance.
  2. Focus on keeping your job – you need income to refinance.
  3. Save up cash, increase your savings and get ready to buy a house.
  4. Get your real estate license NOW.
  5. Learn how to wholesale real estate and flip houses.
  6. Build up cash by flipping houses for small profits.

And in the not too distant future…

You my friend might just be able to quit your job and get out of the rat race.

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