Some People Say The BRRR Method Doesn’t Really Work

Some People Say The BRRR Method Doesn’t Really Work

Stop listening to real estate gurus who tell you that the BRRR method doesn’t work.

Right now I have many of my students who are now multi-millionaires because they implemented this strategy. I created my first million dollars using the BRRR Method. It works!

The thing is it requires patience. If you are looking to make cash now you can wholesale, but if you are looking to become a multi-millionaire you need to be able to implement the BRRR method.

My recommendation is to learn how to do both. Learn how to wholesale and learn how to buy rentals and keep them long-term.

The wholesaling will give you cash flow which will help you run your business. You will be able to cherry-pick through those leads. Then when the right lead comes along, a perfect rental property, I want you to go out there and buy it. The BRRR Method works!

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