Student Success Story | Christiano With Property # 11

Do you want to Wholesale Real Estate, Fix and Flip Houses and Own Rental Properties For Passive Income?

If you answered yes…  then my question to you is ARE YOU AN ACTION TAKER?

In this video I am with my student Christiano (who is definitely an action taker) in front of the 11th house (yes 11th) that he has purchased in less than 2 years!

His first house that he purchased was a rental property which he purchased from me and I gave him a mortgage and offered him seller financing for that rental property (he still owns it). He put down only 10% on that first house. Since then he has purchased 4 other rentals and completed 5 fix and flips. With this house in this video he is up to a total of 11 houses.

How does he find most of his deals?

He finds most of his deals with bandit signs. And he recently started mailing postcards and has two potential deals on the books from those mailings.

What is remarkable about Christiano, is that he just immigrated from Brazil less than 2 years ago! And in less than 2 years he has purchased 11 houses.

He is definitely not afraid to take action. Some of you are so stuck with paralysis analysis (and fear) that no matter how good an opportunity presents itself, you are just too afraid to upset the status quo and you take the conservative path which is too do nothing.

However Christiano is not like that. He does not have fear in his vocabulary. He literally dives in immediately when he hears something.

For example, I mentioned Lehigh Acres at my last boot camp and how the West Coast of Florida including Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres and Lee County in general have great demographics.

The following day he was on the West Coast looking for deals!

The house in this video is located in a town called Lehigh Acres, which is on the West Coast of Florida. It is a 2+ hour drive from where he lives in Miami.

I happened to mention in my last boot camp, that the West Coast of Florida was booming and that this area of Lee County had very strong population growth (one of the strongest in the U.S according to a Forbes Magazine article which was recently published.

Christiano had never been to the West Coast of Florida (or Lehigh Acres) before. But that didn’t stop him. On the Monday after the boot camp, he went on a web sight called which has reviews and ratings for real estate agents and he did some research looking for a realtor with good ratings. He found a realtor, and he scheduled an appointment to go look at some houses. He specified that he was looking for houses that needed work and were cash deals. He spent a few days looking at houses and he ended up purchasing two of the houses. I gave him a hard money loan on one of the houses which he wanted to fix and flip and he wholesaled the other house to another student of mine Marcos (you will see Marcos in the next video).

He made $7,000 wholesaling the house to Marcos, and on this fix and flip he is looking to make around $25,000 or so profit. The repairs are almost complete on this house.

The house in this video was purchased for $120,000 and as I mentioned I gave him the hard money loan. He spent $21,300 repairing it, and he plans to list it for sale for around $180,000.

So he should make a nice profit on this fix and flip of around $25,000.

Christiano is now helping my student Marcos on his first rehab property which is very close to this house. He wholesaled that house to Marcos and offered to hlep Marcos rehab the house by using his crew. A true win/win for both of them.

You could be doing this too!


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