Are Our Emails Ending Up in Your Spam?

Thank you for subscribing to the Distressed Real Estate Institute email list.

Many internet service providers are now blocking emails that they deem to be spam. Since our primary form of communicating with you is via email, and since we send out so many emails, many companies like AOL, Comcast, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Bellsouth, ATT, Gmail etc. will automatically label our emails as spam. This means that our email to you will probably end up in your junk folder or your spam folder. In many cases if your spam filter is enabled you might never ever receive our email and it will automatically be deleted by your service provider (AOL does this and it is the default setting on Yahoo, Bellsouth and Comcast). In order for this not to happen you need to go into your email settings and you need to change your spam filter settings or disable the spam filter.

To Make Sure That You Receive Our Emails Do The Following:

Be sure to add the corresponding Distressed Real Estate Institute and Lex Real Estate Group email addresses to your email white list to ensure the best chance of receiving our content and updates. We routinely email from these email addresses which should be added to your white list (which means you are telling your email provider it is ok to get emails from us and we are a safe sender).

White list these email addresses so they don’t end up in your spam or junk folders:

A white list is your list of e-mail addresses or domain names which you identify and let your spam filter know that you do not want these emails in your spam or trash but want to receive them.

If our email arrives in your gmail inbox and says “warning this may be spam or a phishing message” then click on “this is not spam“. If you do NOT do this then all future emails that we send will automatically be deleted or end up in your spam folder or trash folder.

If you want to receive these emails and do not want to have them blocked, deleted or put in your junk or spam folder then you have to let your email service provider know this. The way you do this is by saying “This is not spam”. You have to tell your service provider this. It will not happen automatically.

Why Is This So Important?

Since our primary form of communicating with you is via email you will miss out on invitations to real estate events, wholesale deal emails, confirmations for boot camps, webinars, coaching sessions or anything else that we email you. We have had many students miss a boot camp because they did not know how to use their spam filter. Don’t be one of these students. Spam has become a big problem and unfortunately because of this email service providers often block emails from anyone that sends a lot of emails (like us).

We want to make sure that our emails are not blocked and that you are receiving them. For this reason it is so important that you make sure that our emails are not going in to your spam or junk folder. Once again you do this by selecting “this is not spam”.  Remember that in the future if you ever decide that you do not want to receive our emails anymore then you can simply unsubscribe by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email that is sent to you or simply reply with the word “remove” in the subject line and you will be removed from our email list within 24 hours.

We have 3 Main Email Databases

We recommend that you subscribe to all 3 if you want to receive all of our emails:

(enter your name and email at the 3 links below)

1. (Real Estate Coaching and Training And Events)
2. (Real Estate Investment Club Meetings)
3. (Wholesale Deals Emails For Florida Only)

Please note that you will receive a confirmation email immediately after you subscribe. You will need to click on the confirmation email to confirm that you want to receive future emails.

If you do not confirm then you will not receive emails from us at all.


And if you don’t see the confirm email……

It’s in your spam or junk folder.

If you do not click on the confirm link then you will not receive emails from us. If you want to receive our wholesale deal email blasts please subscribe to # 3 above. If you want information about our Real Estate Investment Club please subscribe to number 2 above. And if you want information about Real Estate Education, Training, Webinars, Boot Camps etc. then subscribe to number 1 above.

Please note that many of our students are NOT in Florida and would not have a need for information about our monthly real estate club meetings or our wholesale deal emails for properties in Florida. However Lex recommends to all of his students that they subscribe to all 3 in order for you to see how we market to cash buyers and how you could be doing the same thing in YOUR City and State.

Make Sure You Add Us to Your White List

Every internet service provider and email delivery service is different. Below are some of the most common ones and instructions on how to white list our emails (mark them as safe to receive). If your Internet Service Provider is not on the list below then you will need to contact them for instructions (or event better Google it). A good rule of thumb is usually to click on “account settings” in your email and then ‘Spam Filter” and you should be able to figure out how to do it. If your spam filter is checked enabled then you may have to uncheck or disable it in order to see our emails.


1. Click the gear icon & select Settings
2. Click the Filters tab
3. Click Create a new filter.
4. Under “From:”, type
5. Click “Create filter with this search »”
6. Select “Star it”, “Never mark as spam”, and “Always mark as important”.
7. Click “Create Filter”
8. Do the same with


1. In your Gmail on the left hand side locate the Spam folder and click on it. Locate an email from us that you want to receive and do not want to be marked as spam. Locate an email from us (for example your welcome email when you first signed up)

2. Drag this email to the “inbox” tab of your Gmail inbox and “drop” it there.

3. You’ll see that our emails will go to your inbox in the future!
Make sure you are aware that Gmail now has a promotions tab (there are 3 tabs at the top called inbox, social and promotions). You may have never noticed this (50% of our students don’t).  The default inbox is the primary inbox but guess where our emails will be? Under the promotions tab.

Yahoo! Mail

When opening an email message, a “+” symbol should display next to “From”: and the sender’s name. Select this and an “Add to contacts” pop-up should appear. Select “Save”:

1. Under Options > Filters, click on Add Filter
2. Set “from:” to “contains:” “move to folder: inbox”
3. Do the same with

Mac Mail

Select “Mail” and “Preferences” from the top menu. In the “Preferences” window, click the “Rules” icon. Click the “Add Rule” button. In the “Rules” window, type a name for your rule in the “Description” field. Use the following settings: “If any of the following conditions are met: From Contains.” Type the sender’s email address,, in the text field beside “Contains.” Select “Move Message” and “Inbox” from the drop-down menus. Click “Ok” to save the rule. Do the same with support@lexrealestategroup, and admin@lexrealestategroup.

Outlook 2003 and later

1. Open a message from the desired sender.
2. Go to the Actions option in the top tool bar.
3. Select Junk E-mail from the drop down menu.
4. Select the Add Sender to Safe Senders List option or “never block sender or select “This is not junk”.

Hotmail, Windows Live, MSN

  1. Check The Junk Folder: If email from “a Sender you want to white list is in this folder, click Show content to view the body of the email. Click Mark as safe. The Sender will now be added to your list of Safe senders.
  2. Manually Add to Safe List: Click Options in the upper right corner of your screen. In the body of the page under Junk e-mail click the link Safe and blocked senders. Click the link Safe senders. Enter the email address you want to white list. Click Add to list. do this for,, and


If you still need help then Google It or watch a You Tube video on “How to white list emails”