You Can Wholesale and Flip Bank Owned Properties

You Can Wholesale and Flip Bank Owned Properties

With the market changing you’re seeing more REO’s and foreclosures. Many people don’t know that you can wholesale and flip bank owned properties, REO’s, HUD Properties, Franny Mae, and Freddy Mac.

You can flip all of them and I show my students how to do this at our Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp!

One of my best-selling books talks about how to wholesale and flip REOs “Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties”. You can get a free copy of my book about wholesaling bank-owned homes by pressing the button below:

Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties

REO stands for Real Estate Owned which means real estate owned by the bank, meaning that it is a bank-owned property.

If someone doesn’t make their mortgage payment the property goes into foreclosure and then gets sold at the courthouse at an auction to the highest bidder.

Many times the highest bidder is not high enough for the bank to accept their offer so at that point, it goes back to the bank and it becomes Real Estate Owned (REO).

Learn how you can get these REOs & Bank Owned Properties under contract, flip them to cash buyers, and create the financial freedom you have imagined at my next Wholesaling Boot Camp!

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