Buying Houses From Motivated Sellers With Pay Per Click Ads

How to Find and Buy Properties From Motivated Sellers

In this video, I am at a house I recently purchased in Poinciana Florida.

This seller lead came in from a motivated seller campaign using Google Pay Per Click Ads.

Google is one of the most effective ways to get motivated sellers to your website. 

When a seller is looking to sell their house fast for cash, they will go on Google and they will type in search terms like: “sell my house fast (with the name of the city)” or “we buy houses companies” or “house buying companies in (name of city).

If you want to learn more about how this works, you can Google search terms like “Google Ads For Real Estate Investors” or “PPC for real estate investors” and learn how to do this yourself. Or you can hire a company that specializes in pay per click ads to do it for you.

I teach our coaching students how to do this at our Wholesaling Inner Circle.

You can find out more about the Inner Circle at this link: Wholesaling Inner Circle Training

So when a seller is motivated to sell, they are filling in their information on multiple motivated seller real estate websites at the same time. Some of them will call the number on the web site instead of waiting for the company to contact them. You would be surprised how many of these companies do not pick up the phone.

Being able to answer the phone on that call is critically important. It can literally cost you $50,000 or more to miss that call.

This is an issue a see with a lot of new investors that first start marketing to motivated seller. If you don’t pick up, the seller will usually move on to the next company (who may end up buying the house). In this case, when the seller called I answered because calls our routed through to my cell phone on the weekends. I spoke to the seller and had a contract out to the seller via DocuSign in just a few hours. All of the details are in the video above.

When a seller needs to sell their house fast you need to oblige by making the transaction quick and easy. They understand that they are not getting top dollar for their house. They just need their house sold fast. And your job as an investor is to make that happen.

Being able to get the seller to agree to sell and agree on price is important too. Some sellers want to shop around and speak to multiple companies. In this situation, you may often not buy the house because you are competing with multiple house buying companies.

Some sellers have already been burned by one or two house buying companies that said they would buy their house but then never went through with the purchase. The reason that this happens is because there are a lot of wholesaling companies out there who are “flipping” the contract to buy the house and have no intention of actually buying the house themselves. If they can’t wholesale or flip it for a higher price to another buyer then they simply cancel their contract with the seller. That is how most of these companies operate and that is my strategic advantage.

I always close on houses that I personally buy. I guess I am “old school” in that regard. If I talk to a seller or meet with a seller and tell them I am going to buy their house then I buy their house and never back out unless there is a major issue that comes up with the house (like a structural or foundation problem or a major issue on the inspection report). After I buy the house, I can put a lockbox on the property and then decide what I want to do with it. In many cases, I list the property on the MLS. Usually I spend some money cleaning the house up and making it more presentable before I do so. I may paint or do some minor repairs to try and get the highest price possible.

On this house that came in from the Google Pay Per Click Ad, I ended up buying the house from the seller for $178,000. However, when I agreed to purchase the house there were still tenants in place (who were not paying rent). It took me a few months to get the tenants evicted. I had seen pictures of the house from both the seller and from the inspection company when I signed the contract to buy the house and the house looked like it was in great shape (it was built in 2016).

After finally evicting the tenants we were shocked to see the condition that the tenants had left the house in. They left the house full of trash and furniture and they left food in the refrigerator and shut off the power. Needless to say, that was not a good combination and we spent a few thousand dollars on the trash out, cleanout, and pest control.

Once the house was “trashed out” we realized that it was actually in pretty good shape. The tile floors were in great condition after we cleaned them. We put brand new laminate flooring in the bedrooms and we gave the bathrooms a good solid scrub and the house started to come back together. After an interior and exterior paint, new blinds, and ceiling fans the house started to look good. We replaced the kitchen countertop and sink and now we have a house ready to rent. Market rents are currently around $1,800 to $1,900 in this area.

Another option is to list the house on the MLS or to sell it to an investor.

Since this property is only 25 minutes from Disneyland, it could also be turned into an Airbnb. The house has a large yard with ample space for a swimming pool and is on a corner lot. The HOA allows short term rentals so this can be an Airbnb.

So My Options Are:

  1. List it on the MLS and sell to a first time homeowner looking for an affordable home
  2. Sell it to an investor who is looking for a rental property that can be rented for $1,800
  3. Furnish it and list it on the Airbnb Platform as a Short Term Vacation Rental
  4. Rent it to a long term tenant for around $1,800 to $1,900 a month and hold it
  5. Sell it on a lease option (rent to own) to a long term tenant who puts at least $20,000 down

Typically in these scenarios what I like to do is experiment with multiple exit strategies. Right now we are marketing this house for sale on Zillow and to our investor buyers list. We are also marketing it to rent to own buyers (renters with a lease option to buy) and seller financing buyers who need me to finance their purchase of the house. Currently, we are offering seller financing with 20% down for someone who cannot qualify for a mortgage and we are also offering it as a “rent to own” lease option to purchase with $20,000 down and a monthly rent of $1,800. We have had a lot of inquiries so far for both options. 

We will give that around 2 weeks to see what action we get. If we don’t find a buyer using one of those two methods then we will list the property on the MLS and have agents show it to their buyers and take offers.

At the same time that we are doing all of this, we are also sending in an Airbnb specialist to quote us on furnishing the house and getting it ready to list on Airbnb. So there are multiple exit strategies with this house. Zillow says it is worth $275,000 and I paid $100,000 less than that, so regardless of the exit strategy, this house will make a huge profit. And it all came from a Google Ad For Motivated Sellers

By learning how to find motivated sellers, you can find potential opportunities to buy rentals, fix and flips, and potential Airbnb properties. By learning how to  invest in real estate you can create a life where making a lot more money and creating financial freedom for you and your family is not only possible but very doable. If you want to learn how to create wealth fast, then learn how to buy houses from motivated sellers at a huge discount to market value.

If you want to learn how to get started investing in real estate and how to find houses from motivated sellers and wholesale or flip them for a huge profit (or keep them as rentals or Airbnb) then start out by watching my free training webinar by clicking on the “Reserve Your Seat” Button Below. I will show you over 50 examples of students of mine who have learned how to buy and sell houses without any prior experience.

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