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PPC & SEO For Motivated Sellers
PPC & SEO For Motivated Sellers

On today's Podcast, I interview my friend Brandon Bateman about Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO For motivated sellers. I first ...

October, 19 2022
Marketing to Motivated Sellers
Marketing to Motivated Sellers

The main difference between new real estate investors, and expert real estate investors is the willingness to spend money on ...

October, 06 2022
Understanding Financial Freedom
Understanding Financial Freedom

On today's podcast I talk about understanding financial freedom, the velocity of money and how these concepts are both related ...

May, 02 2022
Exit Strategies In Real Estate
Exit Strategies in Real Estate

On today's podcast episode, I talk about exit strategies in real estate. I find that too many educators and real estate ...

March, 16 2022
Buying Houses On Terms
Buying Houses on Terms

On today's episode, I talk about buying houses on terms. This is a follow up to our previous podcast episode, ...

March, 10 2022
Eric Brewer Novations
Novations with Eric Brewer

On today's podcast episode I invited my friend Eric Brewer, who is a member of my Collective Genius Mastermind to ...

January, 28 2022