Introduction For New Students – How To Set Up Your Business

How To Set Up Your Real Estate Business For Motivated Seller and Cash Buyer Leads


Choose your domain names for your cash buyer and motivated seller web sites. I suggest that you put some serious thought into your domain name and your company name before you rush out and start buying domain names. Many new students do not put the time, energy and thought into their business name and their domain name before they start buying domain names. Use Go Daddy to purchase your domain names (especially if you want us to help you configure your domain name to work with your website on the back end).


One idea to consider, is to make your domain name location specific to your area. Start with the city and county that you live and work in, and make a list of surrounding counties and cities where you would be purchasing real estate. Consider a domain name and company name with that city or county in the name. See the examples below.


Location specific domain names work really well for lead generation which is why I recommend them. “Chicago Home Buyers” and “Seattle House Buyers” are location specific. They let people know that YOU BUY HOUSES, and they let people know WHERE YOU BUY HOUSES. This is VERY IMPORTANT. You may love having your first or last name in your domain name (for example Jack Smith Investments or Killian Properties) but the problem with that is that NO ONE ON GOOGLE is searching for those keywords! The purpose of your website is to generate motivated sellers leads and for sellers that want to sell their house to call you. Your name doesn’t have to be fancy or include your first or last name. But it should include your location.

The above web site names revolved around the terms “Home Buyers” and “House Buyers”. You can also find seller site names with search terms like “We Buy Houses” “Cash For Your House” “We Buy Houses For Cash” etc. Examples would be “We Buy Houses in Alabama” or “Cash For Your House in Florida”.

You can also use search terms that sellers would use for your seller site name. For example “Sell My House in Atlanta” or “Sell Your House in Atlanta” or “How to Sell My House in Atlanta”.

If you have a hard time finding a domain name that is still available, consider adding a third word like “Fast” or “now” to the domain name. Using the above examples “Sell Your House in Atlanta Fast” or Sell Your House in Atlanta Now.

Once you have completed this step, you should have an idea of your domain name and you should check on Go Daddy to see that it is available. If it is and you like the name then go ahead and purchase the domain name.


With a cash buyer site you are looking for cash buyers – investors that pay cash for properties. These investors are either looking for houses to fix and flip or they are looking for rental properties. You need to target these cash buyers by LOCATION so the domain name should be location specific. And it should also tell people on a google search WHAT you sell. If you sell houses then that should be in your domain name. Imagine that you are a cash buyer and you are looking for wholesale deals in your city. Let’s say as an example you are a cash buyer and you live in Chicago. You would probably type into Google something like “Wholesale Deals in Chicago” or “Wholesale Real Estate in Chicago” or “Wholesale Houses In Chicago” or “Wholesale Properties in Chicago” or “Wholesale Homes In Chicago”. all of those center around the word “Wholesale” since we are selling wholesale real estate at wholesale prices (i.e. not retail prices but at a discount). Other synonyms for wholesale are “cheap”, “bargain”, “discount” etc.

So you could use a combination of the city name with the qualifier word. For example. “Cheap Houses in Chicago”, “Bargain Houses in Chicago”, “Discount Houses in Chicago” etc. Remember the purpose of a cash buyer site is to find cash buyers in your area. having a domain name that is location specific will help with this. And the way I am going to show you to set your site up will make it very Google Friendly for search terms related to cities and subdivisions in your area.


Take a piece of paper and make three columns on that piece of paper.

In the first column put the qualifier words for example “cheap, discount, wholesale”. In the next column put the second qualifier word for example “houses, homes, properties, real estate” and in the third column put your city name, or county name. Then search all combinations of the three columns to see what is available.


Do not get anything other than a .com extension. Do not buy .net or .us or anything else. Stick with a .com


There are many large house buying companies that do not target locations in their names. For example our company is called “The Fast Home Buyers”. So we do not have a location specific name. Our logo and our business card also say “The Fast Home Buyers”. In our case we are marketing in 9 different counties. So having a location specific company name would not work (for us). But if you are a new real estate investor you are starting out in ONE market and a location specific name will help you get organic search engine traffic. Keep that in mind. That could be an extra lead a week without spending a dime which could mean you buying more houses and selling more houses. Location specific domain names will help you with organic search and getting your domain name recognized by the search engines.

If your company name is “Atlanta Home Buyers” and your Business Name is “Atlanta Home Buyers LLC” then everyone will know exactly what you do whether they look at your business card, logo or website. That is what I recommend that you do and that is what is ideal. But in most circumstances that domain name will not be available. So you will need to search for alternatives. You can do that with the method I showed you above.


Put some thought into your business name and how you are going to be representing yourself to the general public. This is what will be on your business card, on your logo, and even on your shirt when you go on an appointment to meet a motivated seller. If you start advertising then this is what people will see every time you advertise. So put some thought into it. And whatever you do don’t cheap out on this step. Your logo represents your business. Make it nice. It will be at the top of every email that you send and in your email signature. So it matters (a lot) and some thought should be given to this BEFORE you buy your domain names or go with something generic like your last name and the word “properties” or “investments”.

How are you going to use your business name with your domain names?. If you already have an LLC, and you have a bank account set up, then the easiest thing to do is to do a fictitious business name filing. So if you want your company name to be “Atlanta Home Buyer” then you can do a fictitious business name filing showing that your LLC owns that name. That way you can do business with that name even though the name on your bank account is different. Please note that is not to be construed as legal, financial or tax advice so please consult with your attorney or CPA with regards to that.

If you don’t have an LLC set up yet, then think about this a bit BEFORE you buy your domain names. Use your State’s Department of Corporations website to see if the name is available. If it is and the domain name is available too then grab it and register both and you have your company name.


You will need to implement call tracking, in order for you to know where your leads and coming from and how they are being generated. Your cash buyer website will need one phone number and your motivated seller site will need a different number. If you have multiple sites you will need multiple phone numbers. When you start marketing and advertising this will become VERY IMPORTANT. You see if you just use your cell phone number then you are going to run into many issues. The first issue is what will happen when no one answers? You need custom voicemail messages depending on whether a motivated seller or cash buyer calls you. And you can’t have multiple voice mail messages on a cell phone. If you are marketing using different methods like bandit signs, post cards and yellow letters you WILL NEED TO KNOW which method is driving the most leads. By using call tracking, you will know which marketing campaign is driving which lead. By implementing call tracking you will be able to know what your cost per lead is WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT. By comparing different marketing methods side by side (for example Facebook Ads, Google Pay Per Click and Direct Mail) you can tell where you are getting the best return on your investment.

We use Call Rail for our call tracking. If you want to check them out you can go to this link


As a new investor you are going to need to set up at a bare minimum two websites. You will need a cash buyer web site and you will need a motivated seller website. The package that we recommend that you go with is the 3 web site package (which currently costs $119 a month). If you are ready to register to set up your web sites then click on the link below and register for the 3 website package. If you prefer to do your sites one at a time then I would recommend that you start first with the seller site. However having a seller site without a buyer site won’t help you much since you may be able to find motivated sellers but you won’t have any cash buyers! So you will ultimately end up getting a cash buyer site in the future and if you just start out by getting the 3 package from the get go then their are a lot of other bonuses included that will help you. Please note that if you want to use our Virtual Assistant Support Desk for help with your site then you MUST use the link below (we track registrations through this link and we will not offer virtual assistant services if you don’t use this link below).

>>>>> Set Up Your Websites Now By Clicking Here


For your logo, the easiest thing to do is go to Upwork and hire a freelancer to do your logo and business card. This should cost you around $65 to get a logo and a business card designed. The designer will need to know the name (for example Atlanta House Buyers) and the colors that you want. The easiest way to search for colors is to search through logos that you like and colors that you like and give those to the designer. Make sure that in the job description you say that you need “Camera Ready Artwork” for the printer. When this is complete, take the final PDF file that the freelancer created for you and upload it to U Printing and have them print out your business cards.

If you use Go Daddy with your domain name registration and you need help with the back end, our staff in our office can help you (services are $300 for 6 hours). Our Staff and Virtual Assistants can log in to your Go Daddy Account and your Carrot Website and configure them to work together for you. They can also set up your cash buyer and motivated seller websites. Keep in mind that you can hire your own virtual assistant for a fraction of this price (which I recommend that you do immediately). If you want to grow, the first thing you will need is a virtual assistant. If you have a full time job then you need to have someone completing daily tasks for you a virtual assistant (or VA) is perfect for this.


Once you have your domain names, click on the link below and register for your websites. Please note that if you want our support on the back end you will need to use the link below (we track registrations through this link and we will not offer virtual assistant services if you don’t use this link below).

>>>>> Set Up Your Websites Now By Clicking Here

When you have completed all of the above steps, and you have purchased your domain names and registered to set up your websites then let us know by sending an email to supportdesk at We will need your user id and login for both Carrot and Go Daddy to set up your domain name to work with your website. Please note we are familiar with and use Go Daddy every day. We do not use other registrars so we will only offer support if you use Go Daddy to buy your domain name.

If you have any questions about anything above, please email our Support Desk at supportdesk at

To your success,